Artist uses AI to conjure Steve Jobs back to life

Steve Jobs’ handwritten Apple ad makes fortune

Steve Jobs is the great man behind Apple and unfortunately passed away far too early. Notes from his hand are therefore worth a lot of money. So is this bill that has been auctioned off.

Steve Jobs was a true genius and also the clever face behind many Apple products. Everyone knows the legendary presentation of the first iPhone, but of course the man has much more to his name. How about the Apple-1? A special artifact surrounding that computer made quite a bit of money.

An Apple ad from Steve Jobs

It is the dream of many tech enthusiasts: holding something physical from Steve Jobs. Of course, that could be the first iPhone, but a handwritten bill might be even more valuable. It says something about Jobs’ mindset, something that produced all those great products. A special one went under the hammer.

This written bill was about an advertisement of the Apple-1. On it he wrote what he wanted to see reflected in the product’s advertisement. So it is literally one of Apple’s first marketing plans that was also written by the legend.

This bill was written by Steve Jobs sometime before 1976. It has been verified for authenticity by Apple historian Corey Cohen. The ad itself ran in Interface Magazine in 1976. The bundle worth $75 was called the “real deal.

Quite a bit of money

That Steve Jobs’ ad was special is evidenced by the price bid on it. Someone bid $175,759 for it.

Handwritten bill Steve Jobs makes fortune (Image: RR Auction)

In addition to the bill, other special Apple memorabilia was auctioned off. For example, a signed check from Jobs and fellow Apple founder Steve Wozniak fetched $135,261. A prototype mouse from an Apple computer went for $17,269. All other special items can be found here.

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