Steam ends loophole that let people play games for free

Steam ends loophole that let people play games for free

Steam is going to stop giving money back for games if they have been played for more than two hours before the game is officially out.

Steam is one of the best and most popular places to get video games for the PC. Sometimes even before the games are officially out. Also, you can get money back for games if you don’t like them and don’t meet certain requirements.

There are fairly strict rules about returning games so that the system cannot be abused. Again, Steam has changed rules in this system. In doing so, they are solving a problem that the site has had for some time.

Steam’s problem

Eight years ago you could return games purchased on Steam for the first time, but this was not without rules. For example, you could only return games that you got in the past fortnight and you couldn’t have played the game for more than two hours. Pretty fair rules.

But when the site started making games playable that were not yet officially out, they ran into a problem. A game couldn’t have been purchased in the past fortnight if it wasn’t out yet. Also, people who participated in these Early Access and Advanced Access programs could play for hours and still get their money back.

steam (Image: Valve)

This is going to change when redeeming Steam games

But Steam is now putting an end to this problem. From now on, the two hours will start running even if you join the Early Access and Advanced Access programs. The rules related to this have all become stricter and more extensive.

These two hours only do not apply to Steam games that are in beta testing. Furthermore, the fourteen days in which the game may be reduced no later than the official release date of the game also do not go into effect. So you don’t have to worry about that. For games that have already been released, the rules remain the same.


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The rule change may be disappointing to some people, but it was to be expected. Such loopholes do arise quite often, and are always closed even when it works to the company’s detriment. Steam’s new rules go into effect today, April 24.

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