Call of Duty and Indiana Jones come together at

Call of Duty and Indiana Jones come together at Xbox Games Showcase

In just over a month, the latest Xbox Games Showcase will be here. And these games could possibly emerge at the 2024 showcase.

In just over a month, on June 9, the new Xbox Games Showcase will take place again. This is Microsoft’s annual event where new first-party Xbox games are announced, and everything related to them.

This year’s Xbox Games Showcase is extra special as Microsoft’s definition of a first-party game has expanded greatly over the past year. For example, due to the Activision Blizzard deal, there are a few beloved game franchises that now count as first-party games as well. We can expect a lot of announcements this year.

Xbox Games Showcase announcements

These are the games we can probably expect to see at the 2024 Xbox Games Showcase. These could include DLCs, trailers and release dates in addition to announcements.

Starfield Shattered Space DLC

By now we have known for quite some time that a DLC will be coming out of Starfield. Since its announcement in 2022, we haven’t heard much about it, but there’s a pretty good chance the DLC will come forward at the Xbox Games Showcase.

Bethesda’s Todd Howard previously revealed that the DLC would come out in fall 2024, and that’s getting pretty close now. So the Xbox event in June would be a perfect time for a new teaser or perhaps a specific release date.

Diablo 4 seasonal content

The fourth season of Diablo 4’s online campaign will be released soon, expected May 14. This fourth season is going to change a lot about the game, such as better character builds, equipment drops and endgame options.

But by the time the Xbox Games Showcase rolls around, Diablo 4 fans will probably have seen all the new content. So this big event is the perfect place to pre-tease the fifth season. That way, fans will have new things to look forward to.

Avowed trailer and/or release date

Avowed is an RPG made by Obsidian Entertainment, the makers of games such as Fallout: New Vegas and The Outer Worlds. The game Avowed is set in a rich fantasy world with a nuanced writing style typical of an Obsidian game.

Avowed, like the Starfield DLC, is expected in the fall of this year. And also like the Starfield DLC, we don’t have much information about the game yet. So there is a good chance that a new trailer of Avowed will be shown at the Xbox Games Showcase. Perhaps we will also get a specific release date in the process.

All the fat games you can probably expect to see at the Xbox Games Showcase (Image: Microsoft)

STALKER 2 trailer

Almost 20 years ago, in 2006, the first Stalker game was released. It offered a fresh take on the first-person survival genre. After two sequels, Heart of Chernobyl was planned as the next game, but it was cancelled. In 2018, STALKER 2 was finally announced, but it has also been on the way for a while.

After the game has been postponed several times in due to the war in Ukraine, the release date is finally fixed; Sept. 5, 2024. With the release of STALKER 2 getting closer, the Xbox Games Showcase is the perfect time for a new trailer of the game.

Indiana Jones and the Great Circle trailer

Indiana Jones and the Great Circle is a highly anticipated action-adventure starring the famous movie character. The video game will be set between Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Last Crusade. Indiana Jones and the Great Circle will be the game for fans of the franchise.

There is no release date for the game yet, but we do know that it will come out sometime this year. Since Indiana Jones and the Great Circle might be the biggest Xbox title of 2024, the chances of a new trailer during the Xbox Games Showcase are huge.

Flight Simulator 2024 release date

Flight Simulator 2024 is a sequel to the 2020 version. Microsoft’s simulator is the largest in its genre. With more than 62 aircraft models and the chance to fly freely around the world, the game is every aircraft fanatic’s dream. It is a tough game to master, though.

As the name might give away, we can expect Flight Simulator 2024 this year, but we have zero information yet. Therefore, the Xbox Games Showcase would also be the perfect time for a release date or perhaps a stunning trailer.

Halo Infinite update for Xbox

Halo Infinite is now three years old, but the online servers are still doing mega well. Every month the game still gets new content to make fans happy. The next update is scheduled for early June, and the one after that for early July.

The Xbox Games Showcase falls right in between this, so it can be used to showcase upcoming content from the July update. But even if Xbox does not talk about the July update, there is a good chance that Halo Infinite will somehow be featured in the Showcase. Halo remains one of the biggest first-party Xbox titles.

Treyarch Call of Duty game

Immediately following the Xbox Games Showcase is a mysterious event called [REDACTED] Direct. Many people have speculated that this event will feature a new Call of Duty announcement. This is because of the art-style of the logo, which has a black and orange color theme very similar to that of the Call of Duty games.

No new Treyarch Call of Duty game has been released since 2020’s Black Ops: Cold War. So this possible announcement could very well be about a new game, perhaps Black Ops 5.

Call of Duty and Indiana Jones: these games you can probably expect at the Xbox Games ShowcaseCall of Duty Black Ops Cold War (2020) (Image: Activision Blizzard)

Gears of War 6 as an Xbox exclusive

Rumors are flying around about a possible announcement of the next Gears of War game. A tweet from a voice actor states that more information about the franchise is coming in June, coincidentally at the same time as the Xbox Games Showcase.

Gears of War is a well-known game series from Xbox, so a new announcement wouldn’t be very strange. Meanwhile, it has also been five years since the last Gears of War game. So it’s about time for the sixth installment as well.

Call of Duty and Indiana Jones: these games you can probably expect at the Xbox Games ShowcaseGears 5 (2019) (Image: Xbox Game Studios)

But these are all just speculations. One thing is certain; we can expect a lot at the Xbox Games Showcase. Last year the showcase lasted more than two hours. If this is the case again, Microsoft has a lot in store for us. We’ll see on June 9.

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