One More Thing will continue as WANT as of September

One More Thing will continue as WANT as of September 1

Since 2001, One More Thing has been one of the leading Dutch websites on Apple and tech. Today, Mediahuis Netherlands announces that after 22 years, the platform will continue under the name WANT. Editor-in-chief Mark Hofman explains why.

Anyone going to soon will come out to a new page on WANT focused on everything about Apple. A page with the look and feel of the famous website full of unique stories about the Cupertino-based company and its products.

One More Thing had not been running as well as we wanted for quite some time. Technical problems with the website were causing fewer and fewer visitors. One More Thing is therefore now merging with WANT so that we can still offer Apple fans good Apple stories.

Identity WANT finally complete

By combining WANT and One More Thing, we now offer readers a large and complete platform on technology, pop culture and science. As a reader, you can still read all about Apple. In fact, WANT is already doing just that. For example, the editors were recently in San Francisco at the Apple event and we got to test drive the highly anticipated Vision Pro.

From now on, WANT will be the first to feature reviews of the latest Apple products, tips on the best apps and tell you all about your iPhone, Mac or Apple Watch.

Should your interests extend beyond Apple, WANT is also the place to go for your general dose of tech and gadgets. We also write about pop culture and science.

The revamped WANT

WANT is constantly evolving and is excited about its collaboration with OMT. As editors, we put less emphasis on short successes and do everything we can to achieve our goal: Getting Dutch people to get as much out of their daily (online) gadgets as possible.

One way we do this is through timeless stories on the website, but also through other forms of media. We create great content on YouTube, cool videos on TikTok and Instagram and also focus on a newsletter and our podcast Freakin’ Nerds.

Collaboration is no stranger to us. We have been making the podcast Freakin’ Nerds together since November 2022. In it we discuss developments in technology, pop culture and science and engage in discussions based on statements.

What will happen to the One More Thing forum?

One More Thing was more than just a website. Because of our large forum, it could also be called an actual community. Every question you could think of about Apple products was asked (and answered) on our forum without question.

Although we are saying goodbye to the forum an sich, it does continue in a new form on WANT. The editors will fact-check important questions, build a knowledge base and, like One More Thing, will soon roll out the ability to comment on articles.

Media House values the privacy of One More Thing users. As of Oct. 1, the forum will be placed in “read only” mode. Users can request a copy of their data in accordance with the AVG. After that, all data will be permanently deleted.

The beginning of a new era

Although One More Thing continues under a different name, this does bring an era to an end. An era in which the website founded in 2001 became one of the most iconic online names in the field of Apple in the Netherlands.

So while on the one hand an era is coming to an end, a new era is also about to begin. By focusing as a team on one title, we can continue to tell the stories of Apple and other companies and create unique content. As editors, we want to grow our audience with this. With One More Thing joining us and soon a head-to-toe revamped website, we are taking WANT to the next level.

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