1683966027 Dynamic Island iPhone dwarfs this genius Mac solution

Dynamic Island iPhone dwarfs this genius Mac solution

Apple introduced the Dynamic Island for the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max last year. But what if the company made a Dynamic Dock for Mac? This one would then look like this.

The Dynamic Island is a real enhancement for the iPhone Pro. Instead of that ugly notch at the top of your phone, there is now space for information. Such camouflage is obviously unnecessary on the bottom of your Mac. Still, a Dynamic Dock would be a welcome addition.

A Dynamic Dock instead of a Dynamic Island

We haven’t thought about a Dynamic Dock for a Mac yet, but through a concept by Janum Trivedi, we see the possibilities. Indeed, it could be a real enrichment for the Mac. All icons are more dynamic and fluid. Something you might recognize from the Dynamic Island.

It sounds very nice, but of course you want a picture to go with it. Fortunately, the creator has thought of this too and shared a video where we see the possibilities.

If you hold the arrow of the mouse on an icon, more information of an app comes up. For example, if you do that with Messages, you get to see unread messages. The Apple Music icon, on the other hand, shows playback options, such as a play button. Safari again shows active downloads.

So it’s a handy option on your Mac that allows you to see more information at a glance, just like the Dynamic Island. According to the creator, this feature can be extended for temporary events, such as when a new song is played, for example.

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What if the macOS dock and its icons were more dynamic and fluid?

Made a little demo that shows message previews, live music, download progress, and more.

Pretty happy with how this turned out! pic.twitter.com/YpzrWU5klA

– Janum Trivedi (@jmtrivedi) May 2, 2023

Are we really going to see this on the Mac?

It all looks very nice, but the big question is whether Apple really wants to implement this. After all, it was not developed by the company itself, but by an enthusiastic designer.

Still, Apple would do well to adopt the feature, because it really adds something to the Mac. Moreover, this feature really fits into the company’s ideas. So a Dynamic Dock as the Mac version of the Dynamic Island is really not a bad idea.

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