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Formula 1 soon to be seen for free on Samsung TV Plus (but…)

Bummed about Viaplay continuing to broadcast Formula 1 for the next few years? Samsung is bringing you a free alternative with Samsung TV Plus, but is it really that useful?

Samsung TV Plus is the free alternative to streaming services. At least, if you have a Samsung TV. More options for Formula 1 and music lovers will soon be coming to the brand’s devices.

Samsung has announced several collaborations with major companies and leagues. For example, you will see PGA golf, MLB baseball and Formula 1 on this Netflix alternative.

Free Formula 1 on Samsung TV Plus

You have access to hundreds of channels through Samsung TV Plus, and new options are being added all the time. This time, motorsports fans, among others, are in luck, as the official Formula 1 channel Formula 1 Channel is coming to the service.

On this channel you will see all kinds of broadcasts about Formula 1, 2 and 3. You can even watch races on it, but the downside is that they are not live, however. In addition, the channel also offers analysis and documentaries. Unlike the normal Viaplay, this is completely free, although you can also use Viaplay TV which now sits in the place of SBS 9.

How to watch Max Verstappen and Formula 1 even better this weekend (Image: Red Bull Oracle)

But Formula 1 is not the only sport Samsung TV Plus is adding to its offerings. There will also be dedicated channels for the MLB, PGA Tour, AHL and ONE Championship. That means you can also watch baseball, golf, ice hockey and martial arts for free.

What is Samsung TV Plus?

Samsung TV Plus is Samsung’s free streaming service. It does work a little differently than Netflix, HBO Max and Disney+, for example. This streaming service revolves around hundreds of channels to choose from. Each channel has a different offering, such as Formula 1, for example.

The big advantage over Netflix is that it is completely free. It is a so-called FAST service, which means it gets revenue from advertising instead of subscriptions. Therefore, you don’t need a credit card or registration.

Samsung TV Plus can be found on any Samsung smart TV and is pre-installed. You can find the streaming service by opening the app on your television.

Formula 1 soon to be seen for free on Samsung TV Plus (but...) (Image: Samsung)

More than just Formula One

But there is also more choice for music lovers thanks to a new partnership with Warner Music. For this, two special playlists are coming to the streaming service.

First up is The Drop, a video-on-demand playlist in which you’ll hear the latest album launches as well as behind-the-scenes content and interviews from well-known artists.


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In addition, Artist Odyssey is also coming to Samsung TV Plus. This channel is a chronological journey through the songs of certain artists. On it, you will also see never-before-seen stories about the videos that have impressed different generations. You will hear comments from friends, music video directors and artists themselves about their clips. Great pastime when there is a Formula 1 free weekend.

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