1698321502 Can the Samsung Freestyle 2 really replace your regular television

Can the Samsung Freestyle 2 really replace your regular television?

It was one of the big eye-catchers at IFA 2023: the Samsung Freestyle 2. The projector is wireless and should be able to replace your smart television, but can it? Jeroen was allowed to test it for a few weeks.

At WANT I had the opportunity to see several projectors up close. Still, few have managed to really convince me to put my smart television on the market and go for a projector. Can the Freestyle 2 do this?

This is the Samsung Freestyle 2

When you hold the Freestyle 2 in your hands, several things stand out. First, the projector looks exactly like Samsung’s first Freestyle. There is hardly any difference in appearance.

Since I myself have a 55-inch television in my living room, I thought it was a bit silly to test it there. Fortunately, the Freestyle 2 is wireless and I can use it anywhere I want. I ended up choosing the bedroom because I don’t have a television there. All at once the room turned into a true cinema.

Can the Samsung Freestyle 2 really replace your regular television (image: Jeroen Kraak/WANT)

The Samsung Freestyle 2 is a projector with a screen of up to 100-inches. However, this depends on how far you put it from the wall. It is even possible to create a 150-inch screen by using two at the same time. Something Samsung demonstrated at the IFA.

Ease of use

I was able to get that 100-inch just fine in my bedroom. Installation was pretty easy. You connect it with wifi, link all your accounts and with the smartphone or special remote control it is fine to control. The device also supports AirPlay 2, for example, and it is also possible to connect a computer with a micro HDMI port. This is ideal, for example, if you want to have a beamer when giving presentations at locations.

At least, the Samsung Freestyle 2 works optimally when it’s dark. During the day, the projector is hardly of any use. It is not strong enough to show images in daylight. There was no direct sunlight in the room and still it was very blurry.

So only when it’s dark is it really useful. And then it is really enjoyable. The projector has good picture quality and focuses very simply, no matter what angle you point it at the wall. The projector does not necessarily have to be in the center to display its Full HD resolution with HDR10+ optimally.

Samsung Freestyle 2 (Image: Jeroen Kraak/WANT)

An oblique angle does have a disadvantage, however, because around the film or series itself you see a slightly lighter surface, which is a bit unfortunate and can be distracting at first, but which you no longer really pay attention to after a few uses. It is great to watch your favorite series in the evening just before going to bed.

Now also suitable for gaming

What also deserves credit is the sound. Samsung promises 360-degree sound with the Freestyle 2. And that’s quite a promise, considering the size of the device. So I was surprised that voices in series and movies could be heard really clearly, even if the device was on the other side of the room.


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In addition to playing movies and series, the Samsung Freestyle 2 also has a new additional feature. It is possible to play games through the projector. The device supports Xbox Game Pass and also GeForce. This runs smoothly, although a real TV still plays a bit better. You sometimes just miss some details.

Of course, you also have just a bit lesser picture quality than having a Series X and connecting it to a 4K smart TV. However, for games where you don’t have online multiplayer, the Samsung Freestyle 2 is a good alternative. Consider, for example, a Starfield.

If you want to get the Samsung Freestyle 2, it will cost you 899 euros. It is available now.

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