Heineken and HMD come up with the boring phone and

Heineken and HMD come up with the boring phone (and it’s top)

When you think of Heineken, you don’t easily think of smartphones unless you’re pouring the beer over them, but that’s about to change. The company is teaming up with HMD with the Boring Phone.

HMD is busy making a name for itself. The company behind Nokia’s smartphones now wants to release smartphones under its own name. For example, it is currently developing the Barbie Phone.

Yet that’s not all. It is now working with Heineken on the Boring Phone. While it may be a boring phone, the concept behind it is coolly conceived. And perhaps most fun: you can just play Snake on it.

Heineken and HMD come up with a very boring phone

After the Nothing Phone, there will soon be the Boring Phone. By the way, this one is not made by Nothing, but by HMD. This phone is so boring that you will pay more attention to your friends again.

The Nothing Phone from HMD and Heineken is an old-fashioned flip phone made of clear plastic. It mostly reminds us of the 00’s when everyone had such a device.

Heineken and HMD come up with the boring phone (and it's top) (Image: Heineken)

Everything about this phone is old-fashioned. It has a 2.8-inch QVGA screen on the inside and a 1.77-inch screen on the outside. There is also a camera of a whopping 0.3 megapixels on the outside, as well as a headphone jack. In addition, this model supports 2G, 3G and 4G.

No apps, but it does have Snake

There are no apps on the smartphone. Instead, you will have to text your friends old-school. However, you can play Snake on this phone from HMD and Heineken. The game everyone’s phone wanted in the 00’s.

That only leaves the question of how much the phone costs. And the answer to that is simple: nothing at all. This phone is a marketing stunt by Heineken to get you to spend more time with your friends.


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Heineken and HMD’s phone will be released but given away for free. Initially it will be 5,000 units in the United Kingdom. Possibly other countries will follow after that.

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