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Xbox is going to delete recordings soon, but rest assured because you can still save them

Xbox is going to delete old recordings stored on the cloud. But here’s how you can still save them.

Xbox has been warning gamers since September that it was going to delete old recordings on your cloud. Players had 90 days to back up videos and photos they wanted to keep on their gaming console.

But ninety days later, in January, nothing ended up happening. All the recordings were just still on gamers’ clouds. Only in April did people get messages that it was really close to being deleted now. And the day of removal will be May 30. But you can still save all your recordings, and here’s how to do it.

Back up your Xbox recordings

So you have a little over a month before Xbox starts deleting recordings. You can transfer your recordings to your Xbox itself or to an external hard drive. Right now, you can upload recordings that have been deleted back onto the Xbox network.

But it is uncertain whether this will also be possible when videos are forcibly deleted by Xbox itself, rather than by your own choice.

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This is how to make backups

There’s really no difference between backing up to an external hard drive or to OneDrive. However, with a hard drive backup it is important that you keep a close eye on the transfer, especially if you have a lot of content to transfer. If you transfer it to a hard drive, it’s important that it’s formatted for your Xbox, and connected to it, of course. After that, follow these steps:

Make sure your console is on and press the Xbox button on your controller

Go to Capture & share / Capture & share

Select Recent captures / recent captures > Show all / Show all

Select Manage, this looks like a suitcase

To transfer all recordings, press Select all

Selected everything you want to transfer? Press copy / copy to hard disk. If you want to put everything on OneDrive press Backup to OneDrive.

And you’re done. You can view the recordings through the Xbox Media Player app.


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Backing up from your laptop is also possible, to do that open the Xbox Game Bar. Then press my recordings, by the folder icon you can then backup your recordings. A little simpler that way. If you would like to keep your recordings, you have until May 30 to make the backups. If you don’t they will be automatically deleted.

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