High on Life is a sensational game with a Breaking

High on Life is a sensational game with a Breaking Bad wink

The game High on Life has only just been released, but already players are finding several easter eggs. These are hidden nods to other entertainment productions put into the free game by the developer. In addition to a nod to Bethesda’s Fallout series, a hidden secret from Breaking Bad is now turning up.

The easter egg shared by players on Reddit has to do with a pizza on the roof. That could mean anything and it could also be super random, since the creator behind Rick & Morty worked on the game. But most likely, then, it is a nod to a famous scene from one of the best series on Netflix: Breaking Bad.

Breaking Bad nod in High on Life

In the third season of Breaking Bad, we see main character Walter White throwing a pizza on the roof of his house. Since then, that scene has been infamous among fans, and is at the center of all sorts of jokes and memes. So it just might be that the creators of High on Life are now just happily participating in that.

Breaking Bad reference in High on Life from gaming

The series Breaking Bad enjoys almost unlimited popularity on the Internet. Not least because of its acclaimed spin-off in the form of Better Call Saul. That show served fans of the franchise at their beck and call in its latest season – and we’d rather not tell you how or why. You just have to watch it.

Lots of easter eggs in free game from Justin Roiland

So Justin Roiland is one of the people behind the game High on Life. In addition to the aforementioned adult cartoon series, he worked on Community, among other things. That is one of the driest comedy series ever made, and we encounter that humor again and again in the actor and producer’s projects.

Roiland also likes to put easter eggs in everything. Especially in the games he works(s) on. In some cases, those hidden secrets are never found. In an interview, he reveals that many of his easter eggs each go unnoticed by players – and that’s kind of funny, too.

Are you now overjoyed by the Breaking Bad easter egg and want to play the game? You can do so absolutely free, if you subscribe to Xbox Game Pass. The game is part of the service.