PlayStation spoils gamers with 75 off must have game collection

PlayStation spoils gamers with 75% off must-have game collection

There is a huge offer for PlayStation players. You can currently get three Resident Evil games at 75 percent off.

It’s still April, but PlayStation has already started their giant May sale. As many as thousands of different games are participating in this sale.

With thousands of promotions, there isn’t just one right choice, but we found an offer that’s almost impossible to skip. This is a bundle of three Resident Evil games. This bundle has a discount of a whopping 75 percent, you can’t say no to that. This one runs until May 8.

Resident Evil on sale at PlayStation

You can buy a bundle of three Resident Evil games from the PlayStation Store. The games in the bundle are Resident Evil 4, 5 and 6. Normally you would spend $49.99 for this bundle, but now it will cost you only $12.49. That’s a discount of a whopping 75 percent.

For Resident Evil 4, you currently pay 19.99 euros, and that’s already with 50 percent off on top. Resident Evil 5 and 6 also cost 19.99 euros each, but these games are not on sale separately right now. So you will pay less for the bundle than for even one of the games separately.

The Resident Evil series

Resident Evil is a horror game series that began in 1996. The first game was made for the PlayStation 1. In the games you have to survive against zombies and other terrifying creatures. It can be played as a first- and third-person shooter game.

The Resident Evil games are very popular, especially the fourth installment. It is also part of the PlayStation bundle. Resident Evil 4 is often considered one of the best video games ever, earning a score of 96 on Metacritic. The fifth and sixth parts are slightly less popular but certainly have a fan base as well.


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The Resident Evil bundle on PlayStation is definitely recommended if you are a fan of survival-shooter games. But even if you are not necessarily a fan of them, for 12.49 euros you do have three video games for which you can normally spend up to 80 euros in total. And who knows, maybe you’ll really like the games.

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