HBO Max throws up prices substantially in June and changes

HBO Max throws up prices substantially in June and changes

On June 11, the renewed HBO Max will be launched in the Netherlands. And quite a few things are going to change, including prices.

On June 11, the renewed version of HBO Max will be launched in the Netherlands. This means a lot of things are going to change. Some of these changes are very positive, but there are also a few things that subscribers are going to like a little less.

The revamped version of HBO Max involves the current HBO Max, Discovery+, Warner Bros. and Eurosport working together to make the platform more comprehensive than ever before. But this expansion also means subscribers will pay more.

This is how much the revamped HBO Max will cost

Currently, a standard subscription to HBO Max costs $7.99 per month, or $59.99 if you pay annually. But with the expansion of the streaming service, there are going to be some changes in terms of pricing. And it’s not ideal.

Basic subscription

HBO Max’s basic subscription is going to cost less than the cheapest subscription now. Where the only subscription now costs 7.99 euros, it’s going to cost only 5.99 euros with the revamped streaming service. But not everything is rosy.

On June 11, the renewed HBO Max will be launched in the Netherlands. And quite a few things are going to change, including prices.No! Commercials! (Image: Warner Bros. Discovery)

With the new Basic subscription, subscribers must accept advertisements. So yes, the subscription does get cheaper, but at a price. Basic subscribers will be able to watch on two devices at once with the revamped HBO Max and have access to Full HD resolution.

Renewed Standard subscription

The Standard subscription is going to be slightly more expensive than it is now. Starting June 11, you will then pay 9.99 euros per month for a Standard subscription. That’s an increase of two euros per month.

The new Standard subscription to HBO Max doesn’t involve any extra things like the Basic subscription. You can watch on two devices at once and get access to Full HD resolution. Also, unlike the Basic subscription, you get to download thirty titles so you can watch them online.

Premium subscription

The Premium subscription to the renewed HBO Max is described as the subscription with the best consumer experience. You pay 13.99 euros a month for the Premium subscription, but you also get some extras with it.


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Thus, unlike the other subscriptions to the updated HBO Max, you get access to better quality. For example, with this subscription, you can watch movies and series in 4K resolution and get Dolby Atmos sound quality whenever possible. You can also watch on four devices at once (excluding sports) and can download 100 titles to watch online.

Sports add-on

Now if you’re a big fan of sports, HBO Max has a solution for that too. You can buy the Sports add-on for an extra five euros a month. This add-on can be combined with any other subscription.

This add-on gives you access to coverage of live sporting events such as UFC, Grand Slam tennis, the major cycling tours, the 24 Hours of Le Mans and the live linear channels Eurosport 1 & 2. You can only watch the channels of this add-on on two devices at the same time, no matter which subscription you combine it with.

HBO Max extension

So if you don’t want commercials on your HBO Max you have to pay extra, but we get something in return. In fact, the streaming service is getting double the content, due to the collaborations with the other titles.

This is how expensive the revamped HBO Max will be starting in JuneBarbie (2023) (Image: Warner Bros.)

For example, on the revamped HBO Max, you’ll see familiar HBO originals, such as The Last of Us and Euphoria. Content from Warner Bros. such as Barbie and Harry Potter. A new series of Max-Originals based on Warner Bros. characters, such as The Penguin and Welcome to Derry. Popular TLC and Discovery series, such as Gold Rush and 90 Day Fiancé. And all the sports extras you get when you purchase the add-on.

All in all, the revamped HBO Max is going to give us a lot more content than we have now. From channels like Animal Planet, to Cartoon Network and CNN, but so at a price.

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