Nintendo finally reveals the arrival of the Switch 2

Nintendo finally reveals the arrival of the Switch 2

Nintendo is finally opening up about the successor to the Nintendo Switch. Here’s when to expect the new console (approximately).

The Nintendo Switch is one of the most popular consoles on the market. According to the latest count (March 2023), more than 141 million units have been sold. Despite its success, the console is somewhat outdated and so it is time for a new one.

Nintendo always kept its jaws shut about the Switch’s successor, but now it’s opening up. We tell you roughly when to expect it and what the latest rumors are.

Nintendo announces successor to the Switch

On Nintendo’s official X account, the company has shed some light on the console’s future: “This is Furukawa, President of Nintendo. We are announcing the successor to the Nintendo Switch this fiscal year.”

In the same message, the president also announced a new Direct in June where it plans to show the games for the current generation coming out later this year. We cannot expect any news about the successor to the Nintendo Switch during that presentation, according to the company.

Nintendo finally reveals the arrival of the Switch 2Longer gaming (Image: Erik Mclean / Unsplash)

When is the Nintendo Switch 2 coming?

We’re calling the successor to the Nintendo Switch the Switch 2. Furakawa says we can expect it this fiscal year. That runs through March 2025 for the company. Still, we’re pretty sure it won’t happen anytime soon, as first there’s the Nintendo Direct with games yet to come out this year for the current console.

According to the rumors, we should really focus on the end of that period: 2025. Moreover, something else special is happening then: it will be exactly ten years since the Nintendo Switch was announced. That happened in March 2015.

What will the Nintendo Switch 2 look like?

There are quite a few rumors about the successor to the current console. For example, in all likelihood, the console will be backwards compatible, meaning you will be able to play games from the original console on it as well.

In addition, Nintendo is said to opt for an 8-inch LCD screen for the console, which is notable since there is already a Switch with an OLED screen. The original Switch screen is 6.2-inches and the OLED version is 7-inches.


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Other than that, there are mostly things we would like to see. For example, the image quality really needs to be jacked up to 4K and the battery life could also be considerably increased. For all these things, however, we will have to wait until Nintendo’s own unveiling.

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