Legendary Nokia phone makes its comeback for 79 euros

Legendary Nokia phone makes its comeback for 79 euros

We all used to walk around with a Nokia, but these days we hardly see those devices anymore. Now a legendary model is making its comeback.

You may not have noticed, but Nokia still exists. These days, China’s HMD is making new Nokias.

This time the company is giving a legendary model a major refresh. On its 25th anniversary, this is the revamped Nokia 3210.

This is the refreshed Nokia 3210

We all have smartphones these days, but don’t you sometimes long for that old Nokia you used for calls, texts and Snake? Then you’re not the only one, because the dumbphone is making its comeback.

As a result, you have more and more choices between different models. One of the most notable is the new Nokia 3210. This was one of the brand’s best-selling phones ever and is now getting a new update.

Legendary Nokia phone makes its comeback for 79 euros (Image: HMD)

The updated Nokia 3210 has a 2MP camera with flash and flashlight, can connect to 4G and has a 1450 mAh battery. That may not seem like much, but being a dumb phone, it lasts for days.

You can then use that 4G connection to send messages to your friends. Basically exactly the same thing you could do with the Nokia of yesteryear. Using Bluetooth, you can also just make calls with your earbuds in.

Snacks like the old days

One thing should definitely not be missing from this 3210 and that is the game Snake. This is on the phone. It does look a little better with the color screen.

You can choose from different colors. There is the traditional Grunge Black, but you can also go for the trendier Scuba Blue and Y2K Gold. Those new colors make the Nokia even more attractive.

Legendary Nokia phone makes its comeback for 79 eurosSnake is back. (Image: HMD)

Since it’s not a smartphone, this Nokia 3210 won’t cost you much. You can already get it for 79 euros through HMD’s own website. So it’s ideal if you want to be less distracted by your smartphone and just enjoy the surroundings around you.


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