Those with their butts on the public transport system can

Those with their butts on the public transport system can use these apps pretty well

A delay here, a missed transfer there: public transportation is often stressful. But you’ll notice a lot less of that if you use the right app. We give you some handy suggestions.

Apps for public transportation make it easier to travel. You can check the next bus or train and see real-time updates. So you can make smart choices before you head out the door.

Traveling on public transportation? Then don’t forget to install these apps

Your journey on public transport will be a lot less stressful thanks to some clear apps. In this list, we give you the best options. Have a great trip!

#1 NS app

The NS is without a doubt the best known and perhaps largest carrier in our country. Therefore, it is nice that there is also an app, which gives you an overview of all train trips throughout the Netherlands. You can look up train times and platforms in the NS journey planner, but you can also buy a ticket.

It often happens that NS trains have a breakdown. Thanks to the app, you know exactly when a trip will take longer. Because disruptions are displayed directly in the app.

NS trainFine by train (Image: NS)

#2 9292

9292 is a hugely useful app for planning your public transport trips. Whether you want to travel by bus, train, streetcar or metro, 9292 shows you the best route and provides information on departure times and transfers. The app is ideal if you are not familiar with a particular city or just want to know the fastest way to get to your destination.

#3 Google Maps

Google Maps is useful not only for navigating by car, but also for planning bus and train trips. You can enter your location and destination and see what time you will arrive and what means of transportation you need to use to get to your destination.

Maps shows you where the nearest stations are for the bus, train or streetcar. You can also view departure times and choose which trip suits you best. You can’t buy tickets in the app, but you can find station contact information. Once you are on the road, you can follow your journey live. You will see every stop and delay in an overview on your screen.

Traveling by busWill it arrive on time? (Image: Unsplash/Yaoqi)

#4 Citymapper

When you open CityMapper, you see a list of different transportation options. You can search the app for buses, cabs, streetcars and other modes of transportation. A nice feature is that you can see how many calories you burn and how much CO2 emissions and money you save by traveling by public transportation. They are estimates, but it gives you an idea of how you are helping the planet (and yourself).

The app has an easy interface. You can choose the color and icon for CityMapper on your home screen. And you can even choose an emoji to indicate your location and see it move around the app.

#5 Tranzer

People who do not travel very often by public transport do not necessarily need an ov-chip card. But then it is handy if you can order your tickets somewhere convenient. In such cases, Tranzit comes in handy.

This is because with the app you can plan your trip from door to door. You can then immediately buy a ticket for any means of transportation. Tranzer does not yet work for all companies, but at least it does for the trains and buses of Connexxion and RET. Your ticket is saved in the app after purchase, so you only need your phone to check in.

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