The 15000 Skyrim gadget that you never want to use

The $15,000 Skyrim gadget that you never want to use

How can you make Skyrim even more realistic? This streamer has the answer with an extremely expensive gadget. For us, not necessarily.

In no game can you lose yourself like in Skyrim. Spend hours wandering through snowy forests, sneaking through dark caves and riding your horse across open plains. The game is so extensive that sometimes it almost seems like you are really there. But alas, it is still a video game.

With the arrival of Skyrim: VR, the game has become even more real. Streamer GingasVR didn’t leave it at that. She bought a bunch of gadgets and turned her game room into a portal to really step into the world of Skyrim. Fantastic, but one of those gadgets we don’t necessarily need right now.

This streamer experiences Skyrim like never before

It has become a mega project. Streamer GingasVR has immersed herself further into Skyrim than anyone ever has before. She had to pull out her wallet for that, $15,000 to be exact. So not only does she have a VR headset, but also all sorts of other gadgets to simulate the conditions of the game.

For example, she has fans connected to the game that blow hot or cold air depending on where she is in Skyrim. All those mountain peaks suddenly become a lot less attractive. She also addressed the NPCs. Using AI, she can really talk to the characters in the game. But surely the icing on the cake is the gadget we personally wouldn’t wear: a Haptic Suit.

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I liked what @TechMan_Ju did with his #bhaptics vest so I put my logo on mine too 🤔 #VR #virtualreality #haptics

– GingasVR (@gingasvr) October 24, 2021

GingasVR has purchased and connected not one, but two Haptic Suits to Skyrim. These are a type of vest that can simulate pain in the game using electric shocks. Her first Haptic Suit simulates this pain. Her second, a so-called Haptic Vest simulates vibration and resistance you experience in the game. Think, for example, of the vibrations you feel when you walk through a babbling brook.

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Wearing 2 haptic feedback suits in Skyrim while talking to an OpenAi NPC and simulating temperature with smart plugs 🫡 #vr #skyrim #tech #gaming

– GingasVR (@gingasvr) April 25, 2024

Vibrations, AI, really cold wind, a lot of mods, characters that really talk back and pain. A lot of pain. It’s the most lifelike form of Skyrim you can experience. That sounds incredibly cool. Only GingasVR also immediately shows that it’s prettier than it sounds. Every battle it now prefers to avoid. When the enemy does manage to strike a blow, the poor streamer collapses from the electric shocks. Never mind fighting with dragons if you ask us.

The Elder Scrolls 6 is still on hold

It is truly amazing to see all that gamers are doing to pimp up Skyrim. It’s okay to do that every now and then, after all, the game is from 2011. It is also immediately a signal from fans towards Skyrim’s creators, Bethesda: give us a new game.

The sequel to Skyrim, The Elder Scrolls 6, is still years in development. The game was announced years ago, but no real progress has been made. In early March, a senior Bethesda executive said the game is still in early development. That means we will probably have to wait quite a while for Skyrim’s sequel.

Skyrim fans beware: Bethesda launches free Elder Scrolls gameSkyrim (Image: Bethesda)

In the meantime, we can have a great time with mods, gadgets and haptic suits. Although, never mind that last one.

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