1689412653 My dream sequel to Harry Potter game Hogwarts Legacy

My dream sequel to Harry Potter game Hogwarts Legacy

When Hogwarts Legacy was released earlier this year, many a Harry Potter fan couldn’t believe their luck. It was an amazing reconstruction of Hogwarts (Hogwarts) in a large open world where there were a lot of secrets to discover. Still, according to Sabine, the sequel may look different.

Indeed, the Harry Potter franchise invariably centers on the student perspective. Although no sequel has been officially announced yet, as far as I’m concerned, a part 2 of Hogwarts Legacy could focus more on a different perspective, that of a real Hogwarts professor! It would make the gameplay and storyline a lot more innovative. Hear me out.

Ideal successor to Hogwarts Legacy

In Hogwarts Legacy, you actually now find yourself in a similar situation to Harry Potter. You are assigned by the Sorting Hat to one of the four iconic wards (Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or Zwadderich). Then, as a newbie wizard, you are thrown into the deep end. In any case, it was not very surprising.

How fun would it be if you could take your character from Hogwarts Legacy into the second part of the game, but as a professor?

There would still be plenty to occupy yourself with as a player, such as teaching classes in Black Arts or just Herbology. At the same time, the game feels a bit more mature, since you are actually playing an adult character.

Still plenty of excitement

Moreover, there is still plenty of room for an exciting and challenging storyline in the successor to Hogwarts Legacy that you can dive right into.

In addition, you’ve probably already mastered the many different spells and therefore don’t have to take an awful lot of classes to continue your journey.

It would be nice if you could decide what kind of professor you are, just as you can now decide what kind of student you want to be. Not only do you determine what you teach in, but also how you do it.

Do you give punishments when students are late for your class? Do you use the Unforgivable Curses (or even teach them to your students)? In Hogwarts Legacy 2, this should be possible as far as I am concerned.

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