Audio Technica comes out with wooden headphones

Audio-Technica comes out with … wooden headphones?

Soon you will be able to listen to music with wooden headphones from Audio-Technica. You have to be quick, though, because only 300 will be sold.

More and more tech products are made of wood because it gives a luxurious look. For example, there are several speakers made of wood and we also recently saw Motorola’s wooden smartphone. Audio-Technika is now making wooden headphones.

If you want one, you have to be quick, as only 300 are being made. But what else does these headphones have to offer besides their unusual exterior?

Audio-Technica’s wooden headphones

Never fear, not all parts of these headphones are made of wood. It’s only about the ear cups. And there is an idea behind that, because it is the same type of wood used for stringed instruments such as guitars and violins. As a result, it is not only special in appearance, but also the sound quality should be top notch.

The ATH-WBLTD, as this headphone from Audio-Technica is officially called, is the successor to the ATH-WB2022. These are the wireless wooden headphones the company released in 2022 for its 60th anniversary. However, the new version is not wireless and there is a reason for that.

Audio-Technica is coming out with... wooden headphones? (Image: Audio Technica)

The features of Audio-Technika’s wooden headphones

Audio-Technica opts for a wired version due to analog connections. According to the company, the new 45 mm HD drivers should provide lifelike sound where the subtlest tones come out. To ensure that, a diamond-like carbon coating has been applied for better performance.

In turn, the headphones’ voice coils are made of pure 7N-OFC, or oxygen-free copper. That ensures better power transfer.

The ear cups themselves are made of three types of wood: maple, walnut and mahogany. These have acoustic and vibration damping properties. For appearance, the makers looked at the expressiveness of the grain drawing.

Not cheap

To finish off the ear cups, Audio-Technica chose to finish the ear pads and headband with durable lambskin leather. This should ensure that the headphones will last for ten years. When you’re on the go, the headphones fold easily.


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As mentioned, these headphones are a limited edition and you pay quite a bit for them. It is available on Audio-Technica’s site for 1,799 euros.

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