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Apple One and Google One: is it worth paying for this?

To enjoy your favorite services, a subscription to Apple One or Google One seems convenient. We figured out for you whether it’s a smart plan or not.

Apple One and Google One are similar subscriptions and make it a lot easier to work with both companies’ services. The services just aren’t exactly cheap, so it remains to be seen if it’s worth it.

We did a quick review of the Apple One and Google One subscriptions for you. And this is our recommendation.

Is Apple One worth it?

Apple One lets you use several of Apple’s services within a bundle. So, instead of paying separately for each service, as a subscriber you get more for less money.

Apple launched the service in 2019, which was smart because some services, such as Apple TV+ and Apple Arcade, were not well known at the time. By bundling them with already popular services like Apple Music and iCloud, they were able to drive subscribers to those other platforms.

The hidden night mode that turns your iPhone screen red (Image: Pexels/Thiago Japyassu)

These are the current Apple One subscriptions with their price and what you get in return:

Individual: Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade and iCloud storage (50 GB) for one user. For $19.95 per month.

Family: This includes the same services as the individual plan, but can be shared with up to five other family members. The subscription also offers more iCloud storage (200 GB). For $25.95 per month.

An Apple One subscription gets you up to 2 TB of iCloud storage, but if you need even more, you can buy up to an additional 12 TB. You’ll pay up to $59.99 a month for this.

According to Apple itself, for all these services combined, without a One subscription, you’ll pay $28.96 a month for the Individual subscription and $36.96 for the Family subscription. If you’re already paying for at least two Apple subscriptions, it’s smart to switch to Apple One. After all, you get more benefits for about the same price.

And here’s how it is with Google One

Google One subscriptions, like Apple One, give you more storage space. Ideal for things like Google Drive, Gmail and Google Photos. The service also has some interesting perks including access to Google experts, deals on hotel bookings through Google Search and some more perks for certain Google services.

I swapped my Apple devices for Google hardware and this happenedThe Google Pixel is packed with AI. (Image: Google)

Google One, like Apple One, offers different subscriptions based on storage capacity. We’ve briefly listed all the options for you.

Free: Google offers 15 GB of free storage by default for each Google account.

100 GB: This is one of Google One’s entry-level subscriptions, which offers additional 100 GB of storage on top of the free 15 GB. For this, you pay $1.99 per month.

2 TB: for this you pay 9.99 euros per month.

2 TB ‘Al Premium’: 21.99 per month with Gemini Advanced.


What is Gemini Advanced?

Gemini Advanced is like the “VIP treatment” for Google One users. It gives you extra protection from hackers and phishing, plus faster help from Google experts if you get stuck. And you can also securely share files with others without worrying about your privacy.

This subscription is a little different from Apple One because with Google One, you pay for extra storage. So it depends on whether you need this extra space or not. If you have enough with the usual 15 GB, then a subscription is not worth it. But if you do want extra storage, then a subscription is a good choice.

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