1715352136 TikTok explodes with videos about this fat horror game

TikTok explodes with videos about this fat horror game

The horror and detective game That’s Not My Neighbour is a huge hit on TikTok, and you can play it for free with no download.

Once in a while there is another new game that is hugely popular on TikTok, but there hasn’t been a hit like this in a while. A relatively new horror and detective game is a huge success on the app.

The game is called That’s Not My Neighbour and the goal of the game is fairly simple; recognize doppelgangers. The gameplay of the game is not that special, yet the videos about the game are a huge success on TikTok. And we can understand why.

TikTok hit That’s Not My Neighbour

That’s Not My Neighbour is an indie game first released in February of this year. In the 2D horror game, the player is the doorman of an apartment complex in the year 1955. But your job as a doorman is not as simple as you think.

There has been a huge outbreak of doppelgangers, for reasons unknown. Fortunately, the Doppelganger Detection Department (DDD) is there to help. They have hired you as a doorman to keep out doppelgangers of the residents.


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Sometimes it is very obvious if someone is a doppelganger, for example they have extra eyes or a giant neck. But sometimes you can only tell by a small detail, like the nose or even a mistake on the ID card. You have to look carefully to make sure everything is correct before letting someone in.

Big fan base

That’s Not My Neighbour was first played by YouTubers two months ago. But the hype for the game really started when videos of the game appeared on TikTok. The user DieDevDie on the app was especially instrumental in this.

Being TikTok, these were mostly short videos of up to two minutes. At first the videos were just people playing the game, but by now there are many more types of videos of the game. For example, TikTokkers make edits of the game and a while ago a song was even released about the game on YouTube. Consequently, this song is used in many of the TikTok videos.

The That’s Not My Neighbour videos are tremendously fun to watch. Not much is happening on your screen, and you can really play along just by watching the video. That way you can examine the person in the picture yourself, and you can find out for yourself if it’s a doppelganger.


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The current version of the game is still a demo. You can play Thats Not My Neighbour online for free, you don’t even have to download anything for it. If you fancy a game where you have to think carefully and double-check everything, That’s Not My Neighbour is highly recommended to try out.

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