1656100004 How Google Chrome wants to manage passwords on your iPhone

How Google Chrome wants to manage passwords on your iPhone

Google Chrome’s iOS app is getting no less than five different new features. One of them is made to manage the passwords on your iPhone. Anyone interested?

This is a change to the Google Password Manager. After the update, it will be possible to set the service as the default for entering passwords on your iPhone.

Google Chrome wants to manage passwords

Those who use a password manager on their iPhone have been able to set it as their default for some time. Where iCloud passwords can normally automatically fill in your password, it is also possible to do this with applications such as LastPass or 1Password. However, those who used Google Chrome’s password manager did not yet get the chance to do this.

Those interested will soon be able to have their iPhone’s password management handled by Google Chrome. It is the first time that it is possible to do this with Google Password Manager. The company announces this in a blog post on its website. The fact that it was not possible before was not Apple’s fault. Google itself has never rolled out the support.

Google Chrome iPhoneSafer (Image: Google)

Another major addition is the so-called Enhanced Safe Browsing. Through this, Google Chrome better warns its users as soon as they want to visit a dangerous website.

Automatically enter changes on your iPhone

So it is possible to decide which program manages your passwords and which ones are automatically filled in on your iPhone. As mentioned, iCloud passwords is the default choice and works particularly well once you have multiple Apple devices in your home. Would you rather use LastPass, 1Password or soon Google Password Manager? Then these can be set up via the following steps:

Open Settings on your iPhone
Select Passwords
Choose the option Fill in automatically
Under the heading Allow fill-in of select the app of your choice

If a password is not automatically entered during login, you can always click the lock icon near the keyboard.

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