This Smart Home Security Camera shoots burglars with paintball bullets

This Smart Home Security Camera shoots burglars with paintball bullets

A good security camera cannot be missing from a Smart Home. If your current system doesn’t offer enough protection, a Slovenian startup may soon offer you something more powerful.

With a normal security camera, from the likes of Ring and Eufy, you can see exactly who is sneaking into your Smart Home. But you’ll still really have to protect yourself. If you’re a hero in socks, you might need a little extra.

Slovenian startup PaintCam offers you something more violent. Its new camera, called PaintCam Eve, is a hefty security innovation. It’s an AI-powered security camera, which handles well with a paintball gun. The ideal gadget to deter potential intruders.

This security camera for your Smart Home shoots paintball bullets

If you’re reading this in amazement, you’re really not the only one. The gadget is now on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. The website says that the security camera has facial recognition, automatically marks targets and uses AI to spot unknown visitors who are at your Smart Home’s door.

Residents the security camera recognizes, it just lets them in. But now comes the bizarre part: if the gadget detects someone it doesn’t know, and that person ignores the warnings, the camera shoots them with paintballs. Whether that’s enough to deter the burglar depends on the thief himself. But it will at least help identify him more easily.

But what makes this smart camera really insane is the fact that the company also plans to offer tear gas instead of paintball bullets. Yes, you really read that right. This AI-based smart security camera can simply fire tear gas at intruders, the mailman, or anyone else you think shouldn’t be on your property.

PaintCam also gives you full control over who gets riddled with paintball bullets, thanks to an alert system. That is specifically designed to let you know when an intruder has been spotted. The company also says some versions of the system can identify pets. But exactly how reliable this will be remains to be seen. Of course, you don’t want your faithful four-legged friend to have all the colors of the rainbow.

Many details are still a mystery

The company hopes to get more attention through Kickstarter and see how many people are interested in such a camera system. Still, you will have to pull out quite the wallet, as the entry-level model costs 1,190 euros In addition, you can also choose between regular verbolls or UV paintballs for even better recognition.

Many people wonder, for example, how responsible the owners of this smart camera would be if the paintballs seriously injured someone. That’s a question I’m sure PaintCam must find an answer to. Until then, it might be better to stick with a normal security camera.

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