These iPhone and Android apps will make you sleepy rich

These iPhone and Android apps will make you sleepy rich

Want to save money, but have no idea how? Maybe these apps for iPhone and Android can give you a hand.

In these expensive times, it is quite difficult to save money. Often you have to make tough choices and watch your pennies carefully. But with the help of a few apps for iPhone and Android, you can still enjoy many things without spending a lot of money.

You just want to know what those apps are. That’s why your friends at WANT took an extra close look at the App Store and Play Store. We’ll take you through the best options.

Saving money with help from iPhone and Android

Saving money goes a lot easier with the help of some fine apps. Here are our favorites for iPhone and Android.

#1 Scoupy

Who doesn’t get excited about an unexpected deal while shopping? Scoupy is your best friend for this. With the iPhone and Android app, you can find various discounts, cashback offers and special deals for products in supermarkets, drugstores and other stores.

Grocery shoppingGrocery shopping (Image: Pexels/ Jack Sparrow)

You can use the app to find deals that fit your shopping list or try new products at delicious prices. After you make a purchase, you can easily scan your receipt with the app to receive the cashback.

#2 Vinted

With this iPhone and Android app, you can not only save money, but also earn money. Vinted is a great place to find unique (clothing) pieces at affordable prices, while also helping you store sustainably.

On Vinted, you can browse a wide range of items, ranging from vintage clothing to brand name items, and everything in between. Sellers can easily upload photos of their items, add a description and set the price. It’s the ideal app for discovering new styles without spending too much.

Vinted is the iPhone and Android app to save moneyPlenty of clothes to choose from (Image: Unsplash)

#3 GRIP: the iPhone and Android app for tracking your spending

Whether you will be very happy with GRIPP is debatable, but you will undoubtedly save a lot of money with it. GRIPP is a handy iPhone and Android app designed specifically to help people organize and track their finances.

With GRIPP, you can easily track all your income and expenses, set budgets and set financial goals. This will help you better see where you are spending your money and prevent you from going over your budget.

#4 Too Good To Go: saving money against food waste

A large portion of our budget goes to food and drink every day, but you can cut those costs significantly by using Too Good To Go. The iPhone and Android app helps reduce food waste by saving surplus food at local stores and restaurants. The app allows users to buy surplus food that would otherwise be thrown away, at a soft price.

The initiative not only helps reduce food waste, but it also allows people to save money on groceries. With a little luck, you’ll have a delicious dish to enjoy.

5 snacks science says disrupt your sleep (Image: Unsplash)

#5 Allfolders for iPhone and Android

In addition to apps, there are dozens of supermarket flyers that are full of the best deals. It can only be quite spicy to collect and sift through all those leaflets. Allefolders actually does exactly what the name suggests.

That’s because the iPhone and Android app provides an overview of all flyers, so you can have all the deals right at your fingertips. You can even use a clipping tool to cut out images of products in the promotional leaflets to keep. AllFolders also lets you set up notifications so you receive promotions from stores nearby.

#6 Social Deal

Doing fun outings puts a big dent in your wallet. But that doesn’t mean you have to sit at home all day to save money.

Alcohol (Image: Netflix)

With SocialDeal, you can find the best deals on many different activities. Think dinners at restaurants, massages at wellness centers, tickets to theme parks, and much more. The app shows the available deals nearby with sometimes up to 70 percent off the regular price.

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