The best light electric bikes of 2024

The best light electric bikes of 2024

An electric bike doesn’t have to be heavy at all. There are plenty of models that are as light as a feather.

The best lightweight e-bikes provide a riding experience that feels almost the same as riding unassisted, but with a touch of extra power. This year is THE time to score such an electric bike.

With so huge a number of models on the market, it might be hard to choose one. That’s why we’ve prepared some electric bikes that are worth your time. Hopefully that will make your choice a little easier.

Looking for a light electric bike? These are our favorites

Lightweight e-bikes really do ride differently than regular e-bikes. Therefore, these electric bikes are the ones you don’t want to miss.

#1 Specialized Turbo Vado SL 5.0

Specialized’s e-bikes come in a variety of variants. But if you’re looking for a lightweight e-bike, the Turbo Vado SL is your best option. The electric bike has a lighter motor, but can still ride about 130 kilometers on a full battery. And if you want a little extra, you can add a range extender for another 64 kilometers.

The 5.0 version comes “bare,” meaning without lights, fenders and a luggage rack. But if you want those extras, you can go for the EQ version. It’s just that it adds extra weight.

Specialized Turbo Vado SL 5.0The Turbo Vado SL 5.0 (Image: Specialized)

#2 Hummingbird Electric 2.0: electric bike you can fold up

Of course, a lightweight electric bike has to be easy to carry. Hummingbird has thought carefully about that. It is foldable and weighs only 10.3 kg.

Hummingbird’s e-bike has a 158Wh battery and a 250W rear hub motor. It has a chainring at the front and only a single 12T sprocket at the rear. So if you ride over a lot of steep hills, you may need to look for something else.

Hummingbird Electric 2.0The Electric 2.0 (Image: Hummingbird Bike)

#3 Trek Domane+ SLR

The Trek Domane+ SLR is a beast of a bike that can handle anything. Thanks to the Trek Isospeed system, the seatpost springs along nicely, making your ride tremendously smooth. If you want to ride long distances, you can count on the lightweight frame and the TQ system to support you even without electric assistance.

And if you need even more range, you can add that optional 150Wh range extender. Only then you’ll have to sacrifice your bottle cage.

Trek Domane+ SLR electric bikeThe Domane+ SLR (Image: Trek Bikes)

#4 Batavus Tuesday E-go N7

This lightweight electric bike is especially useful in everyday use. For example, for shopping or cycling to work. With seven gears and a powerful Bosch Active Line middle motor, you are ready for any incline with the Tuesday E-go N7. And the V-Light system and hydraulic disc brakes provide extra safety.

Batavus Tuesday E-go N7The Tuesday E-go N7 (Image: Batavus)

#5 Specialized Turbo Creo 2: electric bike for adventurers

We go back to Specialized again, because there we found another model that you definitely want to check out. The Turbo Creo SL is one of the top bikes in its category.

This version is focused more on off-road use than the Vado SL 5.0 we discussed earlier. Thus, the electric bike features thick 47 mm tires on carbon DT Swiss wheels. The e-bike has a built-in 320 Wh battery, and if that’s not enough, you can also get a 160 Wh range extender with it.

Specialized Turbo Creo 2The Turbo Creo 2 (Image: Specialized)

#6 Cortina E-Lett 2024

Like the Tuesday E-go N7, Cortina’s E-Lett 2024 is a simple but delightful electric bike for everyday use. The e-bike is enormously stable, has a sturdy frame and safe brakes for all kinds of weather.

The Promovec motor system gives you just enough support when you need it, and the 360 Wh battery allows you to ride up to 75 kilometers.

Cortina E-Lett 2024 electric bikeThe E-Lett 2024 (Image: Cortina)

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