Much too hot iPhone or Android what to do about

Much too hot iPhone or Android: what to do about it?

Summer is upon us and that won’t make your iPhone or Android very happy. These fresh tips will prevent your smartphone from overheating.

Heat can be not only pleasant, but certainly unpleasant for humans. The same goes for your iPhone or Android. If your smartphone spends a long time in the heat, things can go badly wrong. If you are unlucky you will even have to buy a new device.

While you can never solve the problem completely, there are some things you can do to best protect your smartphone from the heat. We take a quick look at the most important tips.

Keep your iPhone or Android cool thanks to these 5 tips

Heat is one of your iPhone or Android’s biggest enemies. All the more important, then, that you take good care of your device. With these tips, you’ll be just fine.

#1 Take the case off your iPhone or Android

Of course, a case is indispensable to protect your smartphone from a big bump. But when it’s hot outside, it’s still better to leave it at home.

An Android device or iPhone with a case retains heat longer, while a smartphone without a protective layer can release its heat more easily. So you need to pay a little more attention to your device.

Privacy Case ValentaThe iPhone 12 Pro in the case (Image: Mark Hofman / WANT)

#2 Disable features you don’t need

There are plenty of functions and apps on your smartphone that process an unnecessary amount of data in the background. By turning off these functions, you reduce the load on the processor and thus the risk of overheating. This gives your phone a chance to cool down and recover from the heat. Here are a few examples of features and apps you can turn off:






#3 Avoid direct sunlight

This tip may be obvious, but still important to mention briefly. Direct sunlight can quickly raise the temperature of your phone, especially if your iPhone or Android is already hot. Prolonged exposure to high temperatures can harm your phone’s internal components, such as the battery and processor. This can shorten the life of your phone.

Therefore, place your smartphone on a cool, flat surface and let it rest until it cools down. Do not put it in the refrigerator or freezer, as this can cause condensation that can harm the electronics.

Sun in summerBloody hot! (Image: Unsplash/Herbert Goetsch)

#4 Lower screen brightness

The screen of your iPhone or Android is one of the biggest energy consumers. If you lower the brightness, the screen consumes less energy, ultimately producing less heat. This can be a simple and effective way to prevent overheating.

#5 Turn off your smartphone temporarily

This tip is especially useful if things have gone wrong and your phone is too hot. In that case, turn it off for a while until it cools down. Once your iPhone or Android has cooled down, you can turn it back on and check that everything is working as it should again. But if the heat problems continue, it’s smart to have it checked by a professional.

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