This Megatron costs a lung but transforms itself and thats

This Megatron costs a lung, but transforms itself (and that’s dope)

You knew it as a kid: robots are cool. Back then, you wanted a Power Rangers robot or a huge Transformers robot in your bedroom. If it could also move a little bit, it was totally cool.

Meanwhile, our childhood dreams are outdated. There are an enormous number of cool robots on the market, which are even so good that you dare not let your child play with them because you are afraid that something will break. This new bizarre Transformers example from Hasbro and Robosen is the best example.

Hasbro and Robosen are coming out with a hugely advanced Megatron, or enemy of Optimus Prime. This one can dance, ride, talk and even transform itself from car to robot and vice versa.

The new Transformers robot you want

As you would expect, this “toy” really isn’t cheap, as it carries a $1,200 price tag. And that’s not surprising, since this Transformers robot contains 118 microchips, 36 different motors and 112 LED lights.

These components ensure, for example, that when the robot fires the Fusion cannon, you get to see a realistic animation. For example, the robot receives a recoil, the LEDs light up and the cannon vibrates when it is charged. Other weapons also look realistic. For example, the robot can even swing a chain.

Should it fall over, that’s not a problem because it gets back up on its own. In addition, it can speak 270 phrases voiced by original Transformers Megatron actor Frank Welker.

The robot’s price tag is no slouch: it costs $1,200. Now, however, it can be pre-ordered for $899. It will ship in the third quarter of the year.

Robosen: the company behind the Transformers robots

Although this robot is sold by Hasbro, it comes from Robosen. The company makes all kinds of toy robots and already has a whole line of Transformers robots, as well as, for example, a Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story.

During IFA 2023 last August, we spoke with the people behind Robosen. “We are mainly targeting older people who know these figures from their childhood and want to have a cool memento of them,” spokesman Luo Rocky told us then.


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In 2023, the company’s Optimus Prime was still the Transformers flagship. Inside the robot were 69 chips. So with Megatron, the company is going well over that. It has therefore released another real topper for adults who still want to be kids from time to time.

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