Snooze your alarm clock out the door with Philips Hues

Snooze your alarm clock out the door with Philips Hue’s automatic routine

Tuut, tuut, tuut. Waking up to an irritating alarm clock is a thing of the past thanks to Philips Hue’s automatic routines. The smart lighting lets you wake up delightfully by making the light ever so slightly brighter. Here’s how to set up the handy feature.

The Philips Hue app lets you set up convenient routines that adjust the light in your home based on your daily rhythm. With a handy tip, you can also make sure the light slowly gets brighter, so you’re not abruptly jolted out of sleep by the bright light.

Philips Hue: goodbye alarm clock, hello routine

Open the Philips Hue app and press Routines. Then choose Awaken. At the bottom, click Create Routine. Here you can name the routine and enter a time when you want to wake up. You can also specify which days the automation applies to, such as all days of the week, or only weekdays or weekends.

At Transition, you select how long it takes for the lamp to gradually become at its brightest. Then choose which lights in which rooms you want to use for automation. After this you can set what color the lights should be and how bright they should be. Optionally, you can specify when the lights should turn off automatically. Finally press the check mark in the upper corner.

Philips HueSet your routines completely to your taste. (Image: Signify)

Helpful Tip

If you set up the routine just a different way than above, you have even more control over the routine. To do this, open the Philips Hue app and press the Routines tab. Instead of Awaken, now choose Other routines and then create Routine again.

Here again, you can specify a time when the routine should be active, but you can also set even more specifically how fast your lights should go from the least bright to the brightest setting. In this way, you can start your morning as pleasantly as possible, because you are a little more in control.

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