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Why you’re better off gaming with a console than a gaming PC

And now the discussion is over. We think gaming on console like a PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch or Xbox Series S/X is better than on PC and here’s why.

It’s a discussion that has been around almost as long as gaming itself. A discussion where both sides believe that their way of gaming is absolutely best. Is it better to game on a console or on a PC? There are many pros and cons for both sides.

On a PC, you can make it as crazy as you want. From expensive parts to putting fancy LED lights in it. It’s almost a hobby within a hobby. The consoles like PlayStation 5 and the Xbox series X/S then seem very simple versus such a luxury gaming computer. Still, we think you are better off gaming on a console.

Here’s why it’s better to game on a console like the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X than on a PC

Sure, gaming on a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series S/X also has drawbacks. For example, in terms of components, you can hardly tinker with them yourself. Still, we think it’s better to game on a console than on a PC, and that’s for these reasons.

Fully optimized games for consoles like PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X

For game makers, a console is also a lot easier than a gaming PC. That’s because developers know in advance what kind of technology they are dealing with. In short, for a game on the PlayStation 5 or the Xbox Series X, they know exactly what hardware they have to work with and therefore they can fully optimize the game.

With a game PC, it’s a different story. Game makers don’t know beforehand what kind of graphics card you put in your PC. So while developing a game, they have to take into account a wider range of hardware which sometimes causes the game to not reach its full potential.

Why you're better off gaming with a console than a gameGod of War (Image: PlayStation)

A PlayStation or Xbox Series S/x is cheaper

As we just mentioned, you can go as crazy as you want with a gaming PC. It’s not at all crazy to go for a budget option and thus get gaming relatively cheap. But those prices are nothing compared to a console. With a console, you have everything at once and can get started right away.

For an average gaming PC you easily spend around 1000 euros. The PlayStation 5 and the Xbox series X are almost half that price. If you want to make your gaming PC even fancier, be prepared to invest a few thousand euros.

Recurring costs

At first glance, buying games for PC seems cheaper than on console. There are almost always bizarrely many games on sale on Steam, for example. If you then also consider that on console you often need a subscription like Game Pass or PlayStation Plus, PC seems more efficient in terms of cost.

That’s actually not too bad. Even the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series S/x often have digital sales in their stores. And if you buy games on disc, you also have the choice to buy them second hand. Moreover, you can then resell them as well, something that is not actually possible on PC. That way, the recurring cost of games is a lot lower on consoles than on PC.

Philips Hue Play Gradient Lightstrip (Image: Signify)

Exclusive games on consoles such as PlayStation 5

Those who enjoy playing the latest and coolest games have much more to gain from a console. Just look at the amount of games that appear exclusively on, for example, the, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5 or the Xbox Series S/X. Just ask a PC gamer what he or she thought of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Oh, wait…

Many well-known game studios also often produce only for one platform at first. Think of Insomniac (Spider-Man 2), Naughty Dog (The Last of Us) or Guerrilla Games (Horizon: Zero Dawn) releasing their games exclusively on the PlayStation. And believe us, those games are more than worth it.

Why you're better off gaming on the PlayStation 5 than a gaming PC (Image: Insomniac Games)

Being able to game undisturbed

A gaming PC is a mega investment. It is then more than logical that you also use the computer for work, for example. The disadvantage is that your work-related matters are also within reach. When you’ve just finished gaming, you get an e-mail from your boss asking you to write an article about the advantages of gaming on consoles. You wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

On a console like a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X, you don’t have such distractions. Of course, on the PC there are options to turn off notifications and such. But why bother when gaming on a console already has no such distractions at all?

Plug and play

For fanatics, building a PC is part of the experience. We’ve sometimes had people describe it as technical LEGO for adults. But as soon as you hook something up wrong, it’s up to you to fix things. That can lead to frustration or worse: extra costs.

With a console, little can go wrong. A plug, an HDMI cable and maybe another Internet cable. three cables in three different holes. That should actually work for everyone. So you can get your console up and running right away. Saves some of your precious free time.

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