Heres how to search for an unknown number on your

Here’s how to search for an unknown number on your iPhone or Android smartphone

When you get a call from an unknown number, it can be a bit of a shock. Fortunately, you can track down the caller with a few simple tricks on your iPhone or Android.

Everyone has probably received a phone call from an unknown number at some point. You can then speculate about it quite a bit. Is it that new colleague? Or still a call about that new electric car? But it could also be someone you don’t know at all.

With an iPhone or Android you can find out with any luck. We found out for you what options are available to unmask that unknown caller once and for all.

Here’s how to find an unknown number on an iPhone or Android

Locating an unknown number can be tricky, but you have plenty of options to try out. Whether you’re using an iPhone or Android. Here are the options

#1 Add the number to WhatsApp

Maybe this sounds a little crazy. Of course, you want anything but to be apping with an unknown caller. Still, if you’re lucky, you can find out about the mystery caller in no time.

If you add the unknown number to WhatsApp and open the call on your iPhone or Android, there’s a chance you’ll see the profile picture. But the caller may also have set up that only contacts can see their profile picture. Then, fortunately, you have plenty of other options.


Why is someone calling an unknown number?

People call from an unknown number to protect their privacy, for telemarketing, or because of technical problems. Unfortunately, it is also used for fraud. Even though there are sometimes good reasons for it, it can be tremendously annoying.

#2 Google is your best friend

If the trick with WhatsApp didn’t work to track down the unknown number, no worries. Google is ready to help you. Enter the phone number in the search bar and with any luck, a name associated with the number will appear.

If this also fails, you can also turn to Facebook. Many people have the number from their iPhone or Android linked to their account, so you may have more chances there.

#3 For Android users: caller ID

Android has a special feature for tracking an unknown number. Caller ID compares the phone number you were called by with information known to Google and with numbers in the phone book. This way you won’t get an unknown number on the screen, but you will see the name of the unknown company or person on the screen when your phone rings.

To enable this feature, go to the Phone app on your Android device. Press the three dots at the top right and go to Settings. Then choose ‘Caller ID and spam’ and turn on the slider next to ‘View caller and spam ID’.

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#4 iPhone lovers may benefit from this app

On an iPhone, you don’t have a feature like Caller ID, but you can install a similar app for that. The app is called Truecaller: Caller ID & Block. The app uses a huge database of phone numbers updated by users worldwide, making it often accurate in identifying callers.

In addition to identifying callers, Truecaller also lets you block unwanted calls and text messages. You can block numbers based on various criteria, such as spam, phone marketing or unknown numbers you want to avoid.

#5 Use this database to locate an unknown number

If none of the actions are successful, you can make one last attempt on your iPhone or Android. Online, you can find several forums and databases that might recognize the unknown number.

For example, you can take a look at and These websites are maintained by a group of users and you can make your own contributions.

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