This Dark Souls copy looks cheerful but is incredibly difficult

This Dark Souls copy looks cheerful but is incredibly difficult

Another Crab’s Treasure is a cheerful and accessible version of the mega popular, but tricky, video game series Dark Souls.

Dark Souls is known as one of the best, but also most difficult, RPG game series. The battles in the dark action games are so difficult that it is a challenge to beat the game at all. Even though the Dark Souls series only has three games, there are many other games that take a lot of inspiration from the action RPG.

One of these games is Another Crab’s Treasure. It is very similar to Dark Souls, but unlike many other Dark Souls-like games, it manages to put its own spin on it. Another Crab’s Treasure is the upbeat and accessible version of the dark game, but don’t underestimate the game.

Another Crab’s Treasure is the upbeat version of Dark Souls

When you start Another Crab’s Treasure you immediately see why the game is cheerful. The game’s design is immediately reminiscent of Spongebob. It is an upbeat underwater world with lots of different shapes and colors. The opposite of the dark Dark Souls.

But don’t let the sweet design fool you, the game is still very similar to Dark Souls in terms of gameplay. For example, you can find weapons and money (in the form of microplastics) and must explore a world full of danger, including mega tricky boss fights. The game is harder than you might think.


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More accessible than the competition

Even though Another Crab’s Treasure is a mega difficult game, the game manages to remain accessible to people who don’t have much experience with Dark Souls-type games. First, the game’s bright colors make it much easier to spot enemies and danger. The colors make the game a little clearer.

Also, Another Crab’s Treasure has only 4 stats that you have to take into account, making it a bit more manageable for new players. Many Dark Souls-like games have a huge load of stats that can change your gameplay tremendously, but that can sometimes be a bit overwhelming at first.

Still, Another Crab’s Treasure is especially nice and accessible because you can customize a lot of things about the gameplay. For example, you can reduce fall-damage, or turn it off altogether. But you can also increase the amount of damage you do against enemies and reduce damage enemies do to you. You can improve your equipment, respawn with all your possessions and even make the entire game slower.

In addition to this, you can also adjust simple options such as motion blur, camera shake and sound. You can also pause the game, which may not sound that special. But other Dark Souls-esque games like Lies of Pi have shown that it’s not as obvious as you might think.

Drawbacks to the game

Although the game is super good in many ways, Another Crab’s Treasure definitely has some areas for improvement. For example, the game is very quiet. There are sound effects while fighting, but there is hardly any talking. This makes you less immersed in the story.

Also, Another Crab’s Treasure has a lot of missing information. For example, it’s very easy to get lost because nowhere does it say where to go. Also, for example, the game never teaches you how to parry in combat. There are a number of things in the Dark Souls-like game that could have used more clarity.


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Another Crab’s Treasure may not be a perfect game, but it is definitely recommended. If you like to start playing RPGs or Dark Souls-like games, Another Crab’s Treasure is definitely an accessible option that also looks very cheerful. You can play the game starting today, April 25, on PlayStation 5, Xbox (Game Pass), Nintendo Switch and you can download it on Steam.

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