Fan creates the Star Wars horror game we want to

Fan creates the Star Wars horror game we want to play

There’s another viral Star Wars game, and this time it’s a horror game made by a fan of the sci-fi franchise.

The Star Wars franchise is not new to the video game world. The first game, an arcade game, came out back in 1983. Since then, dozens of games have come out. Most recently, Jedi: Survivor came out, and this game was a real hit.

There have been several major game studios working on Star Wars games, but now there is a game out that was created by a fan. The game is called Deathtroopers and it is a horror game. The creator of Deathtroopers also released a sequel earlier this year.

Deathtroopers is the ultimate Star Wars horror game

Deathtroopers is a short horror game set in a galaxy far far away. You play as a stormtrooper who arrives on a ship after his fellow stormtroopers are turned into zombies. It is up to you to exterminate the zombie stormtroopers and, of course, survive.

Deathtroopers is partly based on an old Star Wars book of the same name. In the book, the ship is raided by a zombie virus that turns all imperial stormtroopers into zombies. The same problem plays out in the Deathtroopers game.

The sequel: The Outpost

But not only Deathtroopers is going viral, as the game also has a sequel. Deathtroopers – The Outpost is pretty much the same game as the original, but now it takes place on the forested planet of Endor.

In Deathtroopers – The Outpost, not only stormtroopers have been turned into zombies, but also the Ewoks. The Ewoks add yet another challenge to the game, as we have seen before in the Star Wars franchise that Ewoks can be tricky creatures. Take as an example the gamemode Ewok Hunt in Battlefront II.


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Deathtroopers and its sequel have shown how badly we need a real Star Wars horror game. But until then, we can enjoy the fan-made games. You can download both games for free on for PC.

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