Googles iPad competitor cheaper but at a price

Google’s iPad competitor cheaper, but at a price

Google will present its updated Pixel tablets in a few weeks. The iPad competitor seems to be getting cheaper, but you will have to trade up.

Last year, Google first came out with an iPad competitor: the Pixel Tablet. Instead of developing an entirely new generation, the company will soon give the recent model a refresh.

This sounds unspectacular and perhaps it is. Still, it is a very interesting move Google is making, as it may make the gadget considerably more popular.

Google revamps the Pixel Tablet

With the Pixel line, Google has been releasing smartphones for years now. Since last year, it added a tablet. OK, it’s not the best tablet on the market, but the iPad competitor is an ideal hub for your Smart Home.

The Google Pixel tablet currently has a suggested retail price of 679 euros, although some stores are already discounting it by 100 euros. Still, it might be better to wait a while to purchase one, as the company is coming out with a new edition of its iPad competitor.

This is not a completely new model. Instead, Google has decided to give some parts of the Pixel Tablet a minor refresh, reports X user MysteryLupin. As a result, the revamped tablet will be cheaper than the current model. The recommended retail price would come in at 609 euros for the 128 GB model. There may also be a 256 GB version that would cost €729.

Here’s what’s changing at the iPad competitor

In addition, Google is also said to be announcing new accessories for the Pixel Tablet. According to X user, there will be a stylus and a Bluetooth keyboard. Both of these would be priced at $100. These would have the same colors as the current Pixel tablets: porcelain and gray-green.

This is good news because right now Google Pixel Tablet users are still dependent on third-party accessories. With their own stylus and keyboard, the company can add unique features and have even better usability, just like you recognize from the iPad, for example.

There are also rumors of an update to the chip. Google may opt for the Tensor G3 chip instead of the current G2. The G3 was also already found in the Pixel 8 series and the upcoming Pixel 8a.


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Still, one thing is different. Google will say goodbye to the charging dock with speaker, according to rumors. Right now, you still get those for free with the Google Pixel Tablet.

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