These are the best controllers for gaming on Android and

These are the best controllers for gaming on Android and iOS

Say goodbye to hand cramping after gaming on your iOS or Android. These controllers are a joy to use.

Gaming on Android or iOS has never been more popular. And with good reason. Phones are getting more powerful by the day, which means that games are consequently getting better and more beautiful. Gaming on your phone also has the added advantage that you can do it anytime, anywhere. Something that is very difficult with many consoles, except a few.

Anyone who regularly plays a hefty game on Android or iOS will recognize the following: the phone is a lot less comfortable than a decent controller. And that ends up getting in the way of your gaming enjoyment. Fortunately, there are a lot of controllers made for Android or iOS.

These controllers will make you game even better on iOS or Android

A comfortable grip, buttons that respond well and joysticks that feel nice: it’s vital for a decent controller. We picked some for you that you can use on iOS or Android.

8Bitdo Pro 2

Don’t let the retro-like look of the 8Bitdo Pro 2 fool you: it’s a thoroughly modern controller. Without too much fuss, you have a very solid controller that can connect to all kinds of devices via Bluetooth. Of course, you can use it on iOS or Android, but it also connects to the Nintendo Switch or your PC.

To attach your phone to the controller, you do need a separate accessory from 8Bitdo. Even then, in terms of price, you’re pretty cheap. Especially when you consider that the controller can thus be used on other consoles as well.

These are the best controllers for gaming on Android and iOS (image: 8BitDo)

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Backbone One for iOS and Android

Instead of attaching your phone on top of the controller, you slide the screen in between the joysticks. This makes the Backbone One quite similar to the Nintendo Switch. Via a cable, you connect the controller to your iPhone or Android device. There is even an app from Backbone that you can link to your controller.

The Backbone One is a luxury controller. It comes with quite a price tag, but then you have something. The controller is designed for long sessions of gaming. It even has a separate input for your headphones. This way you will forget in no time that you are gaming on your phone.

These are the best controllers for gaming on Android and iOS (image: Backbone)

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GameSir G8 Galileo

Do you get cramps in your hands quite often because the controllers are too small? Then the GameSir G8 Galileo might be for you. This absolute unit of a controller is for the iOS and Android gamers who are all too happy to have a hefty controller in their hands. Totally ideal if you also have a decent-sized phone.

The GameSir G8 Galileo basically has everything you would expect from a controller, but just a little bit bigger. Huge buttons, large joysticks and even shoulder buttons that can’t be missed. The only thing users have to say about it is that the accompanying GameSir app is not worth the trouble.

These are the best controllers for gaming on Android and iOS (image: GameSir)

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GameSir T4 Mini for iOS and Android

Being able to easily travel and store your games is one of the biggest pluses to gaming via Android or iOS. Lugging around a big clunky controller isn’t super practical then. The GameSir T4 Mini therefore keeps it modest. It’s a tiny little controller that fits right into your pocket.

Small but nice, in other words. With smooth joysticks, fine buttons and ten hours of battery life, this is a great controller for on-the-go. The LED lights and design of the GameSir T4 Mini are also a treat to look at.

GameSir mini (image: GameSir)

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Keymander 2 Mobile controller

This is a bit of an oddity. the Keymander 2 Mobile is not technically a controller. Still, we found it more than worth it for gaming on iOS or Android, especially if you game a lot on PC. With the Keymander 2 Mobile, you connect your keyboard and mouse one to your phone. Perfect for shooters like Fortnite mobile or Call of Duty.

The “box” looks a bit fragile, but could even support an iPad or other tablet. It’s a little less convenient on the go, but perfect for intense gaming on your iOS or Android at home. Plus, it’s pretty unique for gaming on your phone with a keyboard and mouse.

gaming (image: IOGear)

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Do you have a Nintendo Switch? Did you know that you can also pair the joycons with your iPhone. You can read how to do that here:

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