This is how to take an electric bike legally onto

This is how to take an electric bike legally onto the plane

It is almost impossible to travel around the world with an electric bike. We found a way you can still get on a plane with an e-bike.

Exploring a new city with an electric bike is really wonderful. If you go on a flight vacation then you have to leave your unfortunately e-bike at home. The large lithium-ion batteries are a problem because they are too big for the plane. This applies to both your checked suitcase and hand luggage.

But there is still a way you do get on the plane with an electric bike. We found a handy EV that does get air travel.

This electric bike you can just take on the plane

Almost all airlines accept batteries up to 100 Wh, and some even go up to 160 Wh. Then you won’t get beyond a fat power bank for your phone. In fact, a normal electric bike has a battery between 300 and 700 Wh.

It seems almost impossible to find an electric bike that falls within these rules. But we succeeded anyway. The JackRabbit has a battery of about 151 Wh. It’s not much and only enough for a range of about 16 kilometers. But a second battery costs just $199 (186 euros), allowing you to boost the range slightly.

Super-small electric bike has mighty long rangeWithout a new battery. (Image: Jack Rabbit)

The electric bike is actually meant for students to cruise around campus with. It is small, light and quite affordable. And here comes the best part: it is the ideal e-bike to fly with, as it fits right within the rules to be legally transported on a passenger plane.

JackRabbit knows that many people use their e-bikes to travel. You often see them on private planes or boats, perfect for getting around if you’ve landed in a remote location. That’s why the company created a special travel bag that fits the e-bike exactly.

Here’s how to take to the air with the JackRabbit

If you want to take the JackRabbit with you on a trip, then of course it falls under checked luggage. You usually have to remove the battery from the electric bike because it is not allowed in checked luggage. Also to be safe, drain the battery before the flight and put a piece of tape over the battery contact.

Then you can just check the bag in as you would any other piece of checked luggage, provided the airline allows batteries up to 160 Wh. At KLM, for example, batteries over 100 Wh require you to ask for permission first. With any luck, you’ll even have extra space left in the bag to stuff clothes or laundry. In fact, besides the bike, there is plenty of room for extra luggage.

So the JackRabbit is the ideal electric bike for traveling, but of course you don’t want to lose sight of it. That’s why it’s important to attach an AirTag to your e-bike while traveling, so you know exactly where it is. We have some more great options for you in the article below:

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