Coolest iPhone case and Apple Watch band does not come

Coolest iPhone case and Apple Watch band does not come from Apple itself

Apple accessories for your iPhone and Apple Watch abound. The best cases and straps just don’t come from Apple itself, but from this company.

That Apple can make fine cases and accessories is a fact. Other than this failed case for the iPhone, that is. The accessories are just not very special and more like a dime a dozen. If you really want to stand out with your Apple Watch or smartphone, you need to look further than the obvious.

Then you really need to check out Nomad. The company makes the most eye-catching iPhone and Apple Watch accessories. Its latest addition even lights up in the dark. Meet the Glow 2.0.

The impressive accessories for your iPhone and Apple Watch

This is not the first time Nomad has released a luminous case. In August 2023, Nomad released a unique Glow in the Dark Apple Watch band that sold out in about 12 hours. The bands were in huge demand, reselling at huge prices on eBay.

So a smart move for Nomad to come out with the Glow 2.0 Apple Watch Sport Band and Glow 2.0 Sport Case for the iPhone Pro and Pro Max. They are both just as great as the first version. As far as we’re concerned, better.

In fact, the original was rather dull. The “1.0 version” was off-white with a hint of light green. The Glow 2.0 has received a major upgrade. You now get much more color, as the case turns bright, glowing neon green in the dark.

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Nomad says they spent considerable time fiddling with the tire’s FKM material to find the perfect mix between dye and luminous material. The manufacturer had to try out three different ways to apply the luminous ink so they could get just the right color and glow.

Once that was successful, they had to do a few more months of production testing to make sure the glow effect wasn’t ruined by all the heat and pressure during the making process. After about 20 different attempts, the iPhone cases and Apple Watch bands now glow three times brighter than before.

Be quick

The Glow 2.0 Apple Watch band is made of tough, waterproof rubber called FKM fluoroelastomer. You can get it in two sizes, so the case will fit your Apple Watch perfectly. The band can be purchased for $60 ($56) on Nomad’s website.

The luminous case for the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max is just as sturdy. The case has a smooth back with plenty of grip and protects your phone from drops up to 8 feet. The case costs $50 (45 euros) on Nomad’s website.

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If you’re interested in a Nomad Glow 2.0 sports strap or sporty case for your iPhone 15 Pro or iPhone 15 Pro Max, don’t hesitate too long. Nomad only made a limited number of cases. And given how quickly the first batch sold out, these will probably go fast, too.

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