Samsung Galaxy S24 seems to look good off iPhone 15

Buy iPhone 15 or is it smarter to wait for the iPhone 16?

Unsure between the iPhone 15 and the iPhone 16? We’ll help you out with a quick comparison between the two devices.

Fair is fair: iPhones have hardly changed in recent years. Therefore, buying the latest model is not as attractive as it was a while ago. Still, there are some rumors going around about the iPhone 16 that sound pretty tasty.

If you are currently in need of a new iPhone, then the choice between the 15 and 16 might be tricky. That’s why we’ve compared both models for you so you can make an easier decision.

iPhone 16 vs iPhone 15: design and the camera

The new iPhone 16 is likely to look different from its predecessors, with a camera setup similar to what you know from the iPhone 12. There is expected to be a new “Capture Button” to take photos and videos.

The screen will be the same size as the iPhone 15, but with a 60Hz refresh rate. That would be a shame, though, as this is a lot less than most Android smartphones. But the screen of the new smartphone might be more economical and offer better brightness thanks to micro-lens technology.

Photo deleted on your iPhone or Android? Here's how to magic it back upTime for a snapshot! (Image: Apple)

With the iPhone 15, Apple introduced a brand new 48MP main camera, in addition to the 12MP ultra-wide-angle lens that was already on the phones. Now the iPhone can take much more detailed photos by capturing more information with every click.

The new 48 MP sensor now allows you to zoom in twice with image quality almost as good as a separate zoom camera. Most likely, the iPhone 16 will retain this camera setup. But the Pro models are expected to get a big upgrade on the camera front.

Here’s what the performance is like

The iPhone 16 is rumored to get a new chip. It won’t be the A17 Pro chip like on the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max. Instead, the smartphone could use an A17 chip made with TSMC’s lesser N3E process. This helps Apple keep costs down.

According to insiders, all iPhone 16-series models will be powered by A18-series chips, possibly made with the N3E manufacturing process. Pro models may get an additional GPU core.

iPhone cables quickly turn yellow, but why is that really the case? (Image: Daniel Gotteswinter)

Apple may also increase the iPhone 16’s RAM from 6GB to 8GB. Storage options are likely to remain the same: 128GB, 256GB and 512GB. Furthermore, the new smartphone could have Wi-Fi 7 technology, and an Apple-made 5G model for better performance and efficiency.

It is suggested that Apple may jack up the price of the upcoming iPhone 16. According to a DigiTimes report, the new smartphone Pro could be about $200 more expensive than the iPhone 15 Pro. But there is no information yet on how this will affect the price of the entry-level model.

Is it better to wait for the iPhone 16 or buy an iPhone 15 now?

If all the leaked info is true, the new iPhone 16 won’t be much better than the iPhone 15, so if you’re considering buying a new iPhone, it’s probably fine to just go for the standard iPhone 15.

If you already have an iPhone 15, then switching to the 16 isn’t really worth it. Unless you’re a fan of the iPhone 12’s camera setup. Of course, this is only based on rumors. Who knows, maybe Apple will surprise us with some great features this fall, and the smartphone turns out to be worth it after all.

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