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Why the new Call of Duty is vital to the series

All eyes are on Call of Duty: Gulf War. Does this new game mean the end of the series as we know it?

The good old days when Activison released one top-notch game after another seem like a very long time ago. There have always been Call of Duty games that were better received than others, but in recent years the popular shooting game has been fluctuating a lot in terms of quality.

Fans were not very satisfied with the last Modern Warfare and the games before it such as Call of Duty: Vangaurd, Black Ops: Cold War and MW3. It is time for the series to prove itself again. As a result, fans are anxiously waiting for the next installment. Will Call of Duty: Black Ops Gulf War kill the series?

Why Call of Duty needs to prove itself again

Call of Duty is still a major player in the gaming industry thanks to the immense success of Warzone. This Battle Royale is played fanatically by many people and is generally a successful game. Still, fans yearn for another full Call of Duty with all the trimmings. Especially now that the next Call of Duty will be one in the Black Ops series.

Why the new Call of Duty is vital to the series (Image: Activision Blizzard)

Black Ops always brought us a fantastic campaign, addictive multiplayer and, of course, the iconic zombie mode. Unfortunately, the last Call of Duty games have not always given us this. Sometimes the zombie mode was bad, then the multiplayer was weak again and, as icing on the cake, the campaign was laughably bad.

Next to the Modern Warfare series, Black Ops is the apple of Call of Duty’s eye. And Black Ops: Cold War was unfortunately a disappointment. Fans want another Call of Duty: Black Ops like old times. And that means they also want a zombie mode where you have to survive rounds.

Here’s what Call of Duty: Black Ops Gulf War brings us

There’s not much we know about Call of Duty: Black Ops Gulf War yet. Still, a number of rumors about the game are already circulating. One rumor we can take as true: the game will be set in the Gulf War. That was a war in the 1990s in which Iraq occupied its neighbor Kuwait. American soldiers came to Kuwait’s aid.

So a campaign in such time and environment is to be expected. But exactly how that campaign will be played may surprise you. Call of Duty wants to apply an open-world approach to Black Ops Gulf War. No more linear levels with endless hordes of enemies. Instead, the game would have an adventure approach. It would become very similar to Far Cry’s gameplay, sources say.

How Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III players quickly unlock weaponsFans want old-fashioned zombie mode back (Image: Activision)

Whatever the campaign, fans are hoping for a traditional approach to the zombie mode that makes Black Ops so distinctive. Although several CoD games have added some sort of zombie mode, like Advanced Warfare for example, fans are hoping for not too much fuss. Just surviving old-fashioned rounds full of zombies to get as high a score as possible.

Will Call of Duty fans on the PlayStation soon be out of luck?

CoD has been on the minds of gamers for some time. For: will the games soon be available only on the Xbox? If so, fans of the series on the PlayStation would be incredibly unlucky.

If all goes well, Black Ops Gulf War will be announced next summer. We hope to hear right then what the plan is in terms of consoles. Will we also get the game on the PlayStation 5? We probably won’t hear about that either until next summer. Who knows, maybe then we will immediately get more information about the appearance of all games on the Xbox Game Pass.

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