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Samsung users run into problem again, but this time it’s fixable

Several Samsung smartphone owners are complaining about an irritating problem with their screen. Fortunately, this one is very easy to fix.

Most of the time your smartphone works like a charm, but there are times when you want to throw it out the window because something is not working properly. A number of Samsung users know the feeling. There are problems with their screen.

Especially owners of a Samsung Galaxy S23 seem to suffer from this after installing One UI 6.1. In their case, the touchscreen is no longer responding. Fortunately, there is a simple solution to it.

Screen issues for the Samsung Galaxy S23

Everything was running smoothly for many Samsung Galaxy S23 users until they put the new version of One UI on their phone. Afterwards, they suffered from a touch screen that was not always responsive.

In fact, it was such a big problem that Samsung immediately acknowledged it. According to the company, it was due to comptability issues with some Google features on the phone. Google Discover in particular seems to be the big culprit.

Samsung Galaxy S23 now 100 euros cheaper at Bol.com - WANTGalaxy S23 in purple. (Image: WANT/Mark Hofman)

Fortunately, there is now a solution as Samsung has released a temporary fix. This should make touchscreen problems a thing of the past for Galaxy S23 issues.

Here’s how to fix it

To fix the problems, you need to install the latest version of the Google app. Then you need to delete the app’s data and reboot your Samsung Galaxy S23. Once you have done all this everything should work normally again.

To update the Google app, go to the Play Store and search for the app. There you can easily check that you have the latest version. Deleting the data may seem a bit trickier, but it is also very simple. To do this, you go to the Settings and there look for the Google app. If you click on it, you can simply delete the data in the menu.

While this is a pretty annoying bug, it’s still worth installing One UI 6.1. This new update brings AI features that previously appeared on the Samsung Galaxy S24 to the S23, including enjoying even better photos and Circle to Search.

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