Apple Vision Pro makes impressive mark on Android smartphone

Apple Vision Pro makes impressive mark on Android smartphone

The Apple Vision Pro won’t appear until the first quarter of 2024, but it’s already managing to inspire Android manufacturers. China’s Honor is introducing a feature for its Magic 6 that involves your eyes.

Honor used to be part of Huawei, but since the parent company has been boycotted by the West, Honor has been separated from it. That seems to be doing the smartphone maker good, as it keeps coming up with creative ideas. Earlier at IFA, for example, the company presented a phone in the shape of a handbag, and now another model is getting an “Apple Vision Pro” feature you definitely have your eye on.

Honor Magic 6 coming soon

The Qualcomm Snapdragon Summit 2023 is in full swing. This event, of course, revolves around the Snapdragon chips found in many Android smartphones. Nevertheless, occasionally phone brands also take the stage to showcase their latest ideas and applications on those chips.

One such company is Honor. It presented at the event the Honor Magic 6, which is the brand’s new flagship. While the specs didn’t really stand out, there was one very notable feature. One that, thanks to personal experience with the Apple Vision Pro, looks a bit familiar to us.

Apple Vision Pro inspires Android

Honor is coming out with the Magic Capsule. No, this is not a magic box from Hans Kazan, but rather a feature that can follow your eyes, allowing you to control your smartphone. Something the Apple Vision Pro, in its own unique way, does, of course.

As for exactly how it works, Honor is still keeping a low profile. During the presentation, the company only briefly showed a video. In addition, there is another question. Do you really want your smartphone to see exactly what you are looking at? And especially with the thought that this company comes from China, which does not have a too good reputation when it comes to privacy protection.

Even more AI

This “Apple Vision Pro” feature, by the way, is not the only new feature the Honor Magic 6 has to offer. It also comes with a digital assistant that gathers information via AI. Earlier, Google announced a similar feature with the Pixel 8, which combines Google Assistant with Bard.

With the new AI feature, made possible by Qualcomm’s new chips, you will get even better search results that will save you quite a bit of time. Honor already showed during the demonstration, for example, that you can collect videos that meet a certain criterion. Then, in turn, it is possible to incorporate them all into a new video.

Exactly when the Honor Magic 6 will come out remains to be seen, as no exact release date has been mentioned. However, Qualcomm let it be known that the phone will hit the market sometime in the coming weeks.

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