1698319801 Drunk driving controversial Nintendo Switch game disappears from eshop

Drunk driving: controversial Nintendo Switch game disappears from eshop

A racing game in which you must transport a load of alcohol as a professional driver while under the influence of booze yourself. It sounds like a delightful Nintendo Switch game, but it’s causing quite a bit of controversy.

Aptly named Need for Spirit: Drink & Drive Simulator, the game in question appeared on the Nintendo Switch’s eShop. Meanwhile, the game is nowhere to be seen, and the reason is pretty good.

Nintendo Switch game disappears from eShop

Need for Spirit: Drink & Drive Simulator is not a new game. In late 2018, the title already appeared on Steam and in the Epic Game Store. There, however, the game received a PEGI 16 rating due to the use of alcohol and tobacco.

How different is this in the eShop of the Nintendo Switch, though. There, in fact, the game appeared with a completely different rating: PEGI 3. In other words, this game is suitable for almost all ages.

Controversial simulator Nintendo Switch disappears from eShop (Image: Atomik Fabrik)

Although the game is labeled as a parody that absolutely does not want to encourage drunk driving, we can understand that this game is not intended for children aged three or older.

On Oct. 15, Need for Spirit: Drink & Drive Simulator appeared on the Nintendo Switch eShop, but it has since been removed. Whether the game will actually return is unknown at this time.

How do games get their ratings?

To get a PEGI rating, developers must complete a questionnaire from the International Age Rating Coalition (IARC). This is required before the game can actually be sold.

The questionnaire goes deep into the content of the games. The more honestly the developer completes a given list, the more accurate the game’s rating is.


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Once the list is completed, games, for example in the Nintendo Switch eShop, are allowed to be sold. Then the IARC manually checks all ratings to see if developers have actually been honest.

That something went wrong in the case of Need for Spirit, or something was deliberately not entered fairly, is obvious.

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