1693564567 Casetify reveals secret iPhone 15 Pro at Europes largest tech

Casetify reveals secret iPhone 15 Pro at Europe’s largest tech fair

Smart it isn’t, but tasty it is. While Apple sent out invitations this week for the unveiling of the iPhone 15 Pro, Casetify is already bringing the new design to IFA 2023.

Cases of new smartphones, especially those for the iPhone, often leak online. But coming across them at Europe’s biggest tech fair is unique. Very unique.

Secret unveiling of iPhone 15 Pro by Casetify

Although we still have a while to wait for the iPhone 15 Pro (Apple will announce it on September 12), we already know fairly well what to expect. There are not many changes from the previous model, but there is something new.

Apple is probably going to equip the upcoming Pro smartphones with an action button. This feature is now present on the Apple Watch Ultra and will replace the slider on the side of the iPhone.

Over the past few months, several sources have proven that this change was coming. However, at Europe’s biggest technology fair (IFA 2023), we were able to see it with our own eyes.

Our friends at Bright were smart enough to quickly grab the camera and capture the new case, including the action button.

Casetify reveals secret iPhone 15 Pro at Europe's biggest tech fair (Image: Bright)

All very coincidental

By the way, Casetify itself had an excellent explanation for the appearance of the case. According to the company, it is a new model for the iPhone 14 Pro, while the action button clearly refers to the iPhone 15 Pro.

It is therefore no coincidence that this case, they told Bright’s Wolter, appears on the market just after the introduction of the new model.

Hilarious cake!

Can Casetify just do something like this?

Personally, I can enjoy Casetify’s action, but the question is whether Apple can laugh at it as well. After all, in theory, the company could be violating the terms of their agreement.

Casetify reveals secret iPhone 15 Pro at Europe's biggest tech fair (Image: Bright)

For example, Apple could take legal action, deny Casetify access to products or information, or even consider exclusion from future opportunities.

Whether the iPhone 15 Pro’s case is a reason for Apple to actually take action, however, we don’t know. If we don’t see Casetify at IFA next year, at least we’ll know enough.

What does Apple have in store for the iPhone 15 Pro?

Anyway, in two weeks Apple is coming out with the iPhone 15 Pro, and that action button seems pretty much confirmed.

In addition, we’ve gotten a lot of information about other aspects of the smartphone in recent months. For example, we know a lot about the color options, screen bezels and even the camera system.

Official news, of course, is not yet. On Wednesday, September 12, 2023, Apple will introduce the iPhone 15 series. The company will do so again with a livestream that will be available from 7 p.m. Dutch time.

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