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OnePlus and OPPO build insane Android smartphones

Chinese manufacturers OnePlus and OPPO are going nuts. The two parties, both falling under the Oga group, are working on insane Android smartphones. Mark tells you all about it in this article.

While it’s nice that smartphones keep evolving, I have to honestly confess that I don’t get very hot on them anymore. A minor camera upgrade here and a slightly better battery life there are anno 2023 upgrades we have to deal with. OnePlus and OPPO, however, are doing things a little differently.

Insane Android smartphones from OnePlus and OPPO

What we need it for, Joost may know (let’s hear from you, Joost). OnePlus and OPPO are working on Android smartphones with 24 GB of internal working memory. A snappy step up from the 16 GB of working memory that most high-end smartphones have today.

That information, by the way, is not official, but comes from a leaker called Digital Chat Station. On the Chinese platform Weibo, which can best be compared to Twitter, he relays the information. Something he does more often, by the way, and with which he has built quite a reputation. In fact, DCS is right quite often.

OnePlus and OPPO build insane Android smartphonesDigital Chat Station shares the information (Image: Weibo)

Exactly which Android smartphones will come with 24 GB of working memory is not yet known. We do know that they will be high-end flagships and that the device will come standard with 16 GB. So the 24 GB option is an upgrade.

What to do with so much working memory?

Yes, that’s a spicy good question. We have seen and used considerably different smartphones with 16 GB of working memory over the past few years. While it makes multitasking and browsing a lot easier, it actually feels unnecessary right now.

Part of that has to do with the fact that the devices coming from the Oga group kill applications pretty quickly in the background, to make sure they are not too taxing.


What exactly is the Oga group?

The Oga Group is an umbrella organization consisting of OnePlus, OPPO and realme: smartphone brands that are all part of tech company BKK Electronics.

Even on the models that carry this 16 GB so. So a move to 24 GB is big, but not very necessary. At least, that’s how it feels.

Although, of course, the companies themselves can explain it to us a lot better. So in that regard, we are waiting for the named flagship series to show its face. When that will be, however, we do not yet know.

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