1687855495 Bad news for fans of The Elder Scrolls and Skyrim

Bad news for fans of The Elder Scrolls and Skyrim

Do you have patience? We hope so, because you’ll need it if you’re a fan of Skyrim (The Elder Scrolls V). After all, The Elder Scrolls VI is getting a bizarrely long development time. According to Xbox boss Phil Spencer, it’s going to be another five years before that title sees the light of day. WANT editor Dennis Mons is somewhat piqued.

I remember it like yesterday: Bethesda casually dropped the teaser of The Elder Scrolls VI in 2013 and the public went wild. Finally, there was the successor to Skyrim! But we also secretly saw it coming; for now, we’re still not going to play the game.

Successor to Skyrim, The Elder Scrolls VI is in the fridge

So according to Xbox boss Phil Spencer, the game is a long way from being released. He revealed this during a conversation with a Federal Trade Commission lawyer. He spoke about this in relation to Microsoft’s potential acquisition of Activision Blizzard.

He also dared not state whether the game will only come out on an Xbox. “I think we have been a little unclear about what platforms it will be released on given how far along the game’s release is. So it’s hard to estimate which platforms will be there in the future anyway.”

Spencer indicated that the studio also has other priorities. “Meanwhile, the same team is working on Starfield, which comes out in September. So we’re probably talking about more than five years in the future when it comes to the release of The Elder Scrolls VI.”

In addition, Todd Howard, the creative director of Bethesda Game Studios, said that The Elder Scrolls VI could be “the last game” of his career. And at this rate, that’s not unlikely. The best man, meanwhile, is also “already” 53 years old.

SkyrimSkyrim (Image: Bethesda)

Not on Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5?

So we can assume that Bethesda/Microsoft does not plan to release The Elder Scrolls VI on the current generation of consoles. On the other hand, there will undoubtedly be a port if it does come out on the next generation.

Let’s face it; Skyrim even ran on a refrigerator. So no worries, for now.

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