App Store Pearls Without encourages your inner

App Store Pearls: Without encourages your inner explorer

Every day we search the Internet to find the most fun apps from the App Store for your iPhone, iPad or Apple TV. During this exploration, OMT editor Dunke van Boekel stumbled upon Zonder, an app that encourages you to explore the world.

Through movies, series but also social media, we see the most beautiful locations of our planet passing by all day long. Indeed, Zonder is the App Store Pearl that makes a game out of your travels.

See your journey in on your iPhone with this App Store Pearl

Your Without profile is defined by the passport you get within the iPhone app. This contains information like how many places you’ve visited, as well as the number of countries, cities and how many miles you’ve traveled in the end. Those places you can visit range from restaurants and cafes to monuments or other historical sites. In the Explore tab of the App Store Pearl, then, there is also a map of nearby places you can visit.

Then when you actually visit such a place, the game aspect of the App Store Pearl comes out. Walking into a restaurant, for example, earns you XP, which in turn gives you levels and allows you to get on the leaderboard. Thereby adding to the ranking of the city you are in. So just walk around with your iPhone and enjoy the cities.

What else you can do with this iPhone app is view and share your travels. When you’ve visited a place it shows up in a timeline. This way you can see exactly when you did what. You can then share these trips publicly or privately as well. So the App Store Pearl also has a real social aspect which makes it even more fun.

Where does that go?

To give you some more motivation to go out, there are also regular events in the iPhone app where you can visit certain places for more points or something. Or a specific event in your hometown.

Without, iPhone, App StoreThe Zonder app on your iPhone. (Image: Zonder)

What’s also nice about Zonder: the iPhone app is completely free to use. No subscription or anything like that, you just focus on your trip and what you are going to experience. You can do all that with this App Store Pearl.

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