One More Deal how to get the iPhone 14 cheaper

One More Deal: how to get the iPhone 14 cheaper now

Last fall Apple presented the iPhone 14 and recently you can even pick up a yellow variant. The smartphones are now cheaper at Amazon.

It’s no surprise that Apple comes out with a new variant of the iPhone every year. The most recent one is the iPhone 14. It has quite a price tag, but is now on sale at Amazon.

The iPhone 14 as an ideal smartphone

If you want a fine smartphone with an equally fine operating system, you quickly end up with Apple. Since both are made by the same company, they are optimally matched. This makes the iPhone 14 the ideal choice if you want a good phone but don’t need all the extras of the Pro.

Anyway, what exactly do you get when you buy the smartphone? This device features a 6.1-inch Super Retina XDR display. This allows you to see your series, movies and video in good quality. Which, by the way, you make yourself, because you now film in 4K Dolby Vision.

With that camera you not only make good videos, the two lenses in the back also provide great photos. Advanced software ensures that every photo is better exposed on the iPhone 14, compared to its predecessor.

Now cheaper at Amazon

Under the hood is the blazingly fast A15 Bionic chip. This is not entirely new to the iPhone 14, as you could already find it in the 13 Pro. Nevertheless, Apple still managed to make the phone faster by tweaking it a bit.

iPhone 14 yellow AppleAll colors available now. (Image: Apple)

So should you want a new iPhone, the 14 is a good choice, and especially since you can now buy it cheaper. Previously, you paid $1,016 for the smartphone. Meanwhile, the price at Amazon has dropped to 868 euros, which means a decrease of 15 percent. You can find the offer here.

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