Why Google may soon delete your Gmail account

Why Google may soon delete your Gmail account

Google wants to come clean with Gmail and plans to delete all old, inactive accounts. Fortunately, you still have just a little time to protect your old account.

Last May, Google already announced plans to clean up Gmail considerably. Old inactive accounts were to be deleted. Now the time for that is almost here. Fortunately, you can still save an old account now, although you will have to do something for it.


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Google deletes inactive Gmail accounts

Google will start deleting inactive Gmail accounts starting December 1. So you still have a week to save your account from the digital graveyard.

By the way, this only applies to really old accounts that are no longer being used. Still, you may have one that you no longer use but still have emails in it that you want to keep.

Google really doesn’t suddenly delete your Gmail account. Affected email addresses have already received several alerts. Still, you may not have logged in for a long time and thus missed these messages.

To be precise, these are Gmail accounts that have not been used for more than two years. Just logging in is not enough to save your Gmail account. You will really have to perform an action.

Google Gmail has secret trick that lets you tackle spamGmail. (Image: Unsplash/Justin Morgan)

Here’s how to protect your account

Fortunately, there are several ways to avoid this before December 1. It’s enough to log into your account and then perform a search. Google will then mark the Gmail account as active again. It is also possible to send an e-mail to another account of yours. These are all the possibilities:

Sending an email
Performing a search
Watching a video on YouTube
Downloading an app from the Play Store
Using an Android device registered to the account
Using Google to log in to a third-party app

Still, of course, the question is whether this is all worth the hassle. There’s probably a reason why you haven’t used the Gmail account for a long time. Having your account deleted is not even a bad idea. It’s better for the environment because again just a little less server space is used and besides, the old account can’t get into the hands of any hackers.

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