After 25 years of silence Valve finally tackles hilarious problem.webp

After 25 years of silence, Valve finally tackles hilarious problem in Half-Life

Video game icon Half-Life, released in 1998, has received a new update. With it, developer Valve has fixed an old, small and mostly irritating problem that gamers have been running into for decades.

For a while now, it doesn’t matter if one is worried about the new Nintendo Switch or flying like crazy through levels in Modern Warfare III. One of the most iconic games has received a new update, and fans couldn’t be more excited.


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After decades, this memorable Half-Life level has finally been solved

There will be few people in 2023 who have never played Half-Life. The 1998 game is an absolute icon packed with memorable levels, but Blast Pit reigns supreme in that regard.

In that level, a poor scientist is grabbed out of nowhere by a giant alien tentacle. That tentacle breaks through the glass, grabs the scientist and drags him out with it. However, a glitch caused the scientist not to be attached to the tentacle but to float in a vacuum.

Although the glitch in Half-Life is now as iconic as the game itself, developer Valve fixed it 25 years later. Last Wednesday, it released another small patch to fix several issues, including, therefore, this glitch.

The result is impressive, as the scientist is now actually grabbed by the tentacle. Something that gamers, given that Valve is still putting love into Half-Life, can only appreciate. Reactions online have been extremely positive.

After 25 years of silence, Valve tackles this hilarious problem in Half-Life (Image: Valve via Kotaku)

After 25 years, a major update from Valve

That Valve has love for its first game became clear last week. In honor of Half-Life’s 25th anniversary, the developer released a major update. In it, Steam Deck support was added, among other things.

New graphics and rendering options were also added to the game, including widescreen field of view and software rendering on Linux.

In addition, Half-Life’s multiplayer mode received three completely new maps that managed to make the game, once again 25 years after it was released, just a little more interesting.

We can say what we want about Valve, but there are many developers who could learn an extraordinary amount from this.

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