What to look out for when leasing an electric bike

What to look out for when leasing an electric bike, according to the ANWB

Leasing a car is quite normal. Nowadays this is also possible for an electric bike. But is this the ideal option for you? The ANWB gives you some good tips.

Many people nowadays lease a car instead of buying one. Whereas before it was mainly about work, now private leasing is also incredibly popular. This is not only possible with cars, as it is also very simple to do this with an electric bike. The ANWB gives tips on what to look out for.


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Pros and cons of leasing an electric bike according to ANWB

When leasing an electric bicycle, it is possible to do so privately as well as on a business basis. We go over the options with you.

Business leasing an electric bike

If you want to go to work on an electric bike, it is possible to lease it on a business basis. This makes it a great alternative to the car or public transportation if you don’t live far from work. Still, there is a drawback: not every employer offers it, according to ANWB.

Through the 2020 Bicycle Plan, it is possible to lease an electric bicycle from your employer. You pay a fixed amount per month for this. The big advantage is that this means you won’t be up against the high purchase price of an e-bike.

The big advantage according to the ANWB is that you do not have to pay repair and maintenance costs because of leasing. In addition, the bike is also insured.

Electric bike leasing? Here's what to look out for according to the ANWBThis Cowboy is pretty & bad-ass. (Image: Cowboy)

However, there are also disadvantages because, like a car, you have to pay additional taxes. In addition, you also lose the travel allowance you normally get from your employer.

Fortunately, the Cyclists’ Union has developed a tool that allows you to find out whether business leasing is nevertheless beneficial. However, an electric lease bike can be combined with a lease car.

Private leasing according to the ANWB

You can also lease an electric bike without going through your employer. We call this private leasing. For this you also pay a fixed amount per month and repair and maintenance costs are included.

In addition, you are also insured for roadside assistance and theft. You don’t have to worry about having to replace a battery. After the contract term, you can then lease a new one again. The value of an e-bike goes down quickly, according to the ANWB, because new models with improvements are coming out at breakneck speed. Insurers would write off about 12.5 percent per year of the purchase value.

FUELL Flluid-2 electric bikeFUELL Flluid-2 (Image: FUELL)

As with business leasing, private leasing also has drawbacks, according to the ANWB. The electric bike is not owned by you, so it must be returned at the end of the lease, unless you might be able to buy it over from the company.

In addition, your fixed monthly costs will be higher. Especially if you want to last longer with an electric bike than a few years, since that will lower the depreciation cost. In addition, some bicycle repairs are simply covered under warranty.

Which one will it be?

So if you want to lease an electric bike, it has both advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, according to the organization, you would do well to make a calculation for yourself with the possible costs you will incur.

For example, if you ride more per month, you may need more maintenance and a greater chance of something breaking down. If you just want to make a long-term investment and use the bike for more than a couple of years, you’ll be much better off buying one. So it really depends on your plans.

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