The secret James Bond game from GTA 6 creator Rockstar

The secret ‘James Bond’ game from GTA 6 creator Rockstar Games

These days, everything Rockstar touches seems to turn to gold. Whether it’s the latest Red Dead Redemption or the future GTA 6, it’s bound to be a success. Yet a “James Bond” game the company once worked on never really got off the ground.

Rockstar has really proven itself in terms of making games over the last few decades. That’s why many players are looking forward to December, when the trailer for GTA 6 will be revealed, the biggest franchise next to that of Red Dead Redemption. Still, there could have been another big title next to that, only the publisher decided never to market this game. It was a James Bond kind of game.


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Rock Star with a James Bond of its own

One of GTA 6 creator Rockstar’s biggest secret projects was Agent. The game, which was about a secret agent à la James Bond, had everything to be a success, yet the publisher decided to pull the plug before the game was finished at all.

A former developer at Rockstar is now speaking out about the James Bond game that never came out. It should have appeared between GTA V and Red Dead Redemption 2, but it didn’t.

In fact, the game was even announced in 2009 by Rockstar itself. Moreover, the game had been in the works for years. Although the title was taken off the site years ago, the company never officially canceled the project. It also never explained why the game was not released.

Still different from GTA 6 and Red Dead Redemption

Agent, as the James Bond-like game was called, was set in the 1970s. So the setting was like the movies at the time of the Cold War. Like 007, you had all sorts of gadgets to help you carry out your mission.

Spicy update GTA Online causes load of pissed off fansRemains brilliant. (Image: Rockstar Games)

For example, your car could turn into a submarine. Although games from the publisher such as GTA 6 take place in an open world, this game was fairly linear. It took place in different locations.

For example, there was a mission in the Swiss Alps which was pretty much like a scene from a James Bond movie. Then something completely different was a level in a space station.

Unfortunately, we will probably never see this game again and have to make do with GTA 6. Something that is not a punishment at all, but an extra like this would never have gone away.

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