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Diablo 4: which of the five classes is currently the best?

Diablo 4 has five different classes, each with strengths and weaknesses, of course. Once in a while, Blizzard implements the necessary buffs and nerfs, which completely reshapes the playing field. These are the best classes of the moment.

With the arrival of season 1 of Diablo 4, the necessary changes have been made again. Consequently, in Season of the Malignant, the maps have been redistributed. Although your choice obviously depends on your personal play style and preferences, we list the best classes for you.

Best Diablo 4 classes

After years of demos and betas, Diablo 4 was finally released in June. The info in this article is based on Patch 1.1.0 and emphasizes the endgame. So the focus is on the survival of the classes in World Tiers 3 and 4.

#1 Rogue: by far the best Diablo 4 class

Rogue does a lot of damage and you’re nice and mobile with it. With a Twisting Blades build, you really separate the wheat from the chaff. You can fight both from a distance and at close range. For beginners, however, this Diablo 4 class can be a bit overwhelming, as you can die quite easily if you haven’t mastered it yet.

#2 Druid: a nice second place

As a druid, you possess the gift of shapeshifting. Not only do you transform into a bear or werewolf, but you can also enlist the help of wolves and ravens to assist you in battle with the demons.

In addition, you fire a deadly hurricane at your enemies to clear the way for the next horde of monsters. A nicely varied class, in other words!

The Druid in Diablo 4 is the second best classDruid is currently the second best class. (Image: Blizzard)

#3 Necromancer: the middle ground

Necromancer is a good choice for beginners as well as advanced players in Diablo 4. You have an army of skeletons at your disposal that can help you attack. Especially as a beginner, it is nice to be able to fall back on this. Depending on your build, you can also do a nice amount of damage. On the other hand, the class is a bit more fragile when fighting at close range.

#4 Barbarian: considerably generft

If you choose a Barbarian, then you choose a simple play style. Not too much fuss and good rage. Much of your time will be spent punching monsters in the face until they drop. You don’t have a box of tricks at your disposal, but you can have fun crawling through the dungeons. Whirlwind Barbarian is still the best build despite the hefty nerf in season 1.

#5 Sorcerer: drops stitches

The sorcerer is certainly no slacker, but in the higher tiers this Diablo 4 class really struggles to hold its own. As a sorcerer, you do have some cool combinations at your disposal to fight your way through hordes of enemies. In the endgame, however, the class leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to your chances of survival.

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